Your Membership at SSC

Sunrise Senior College (SSC) is a Member Organization With dues currently set at $25.00 a year. Our membership year runs from September 1st to August 31st of the following year.

Classes offered in the Spring and Fall are normally $15.00 per course and includes all course material and books.

A limited number of scholarships are available for those Seniors who may need some assistance. We want everyone to have the opportunity to attend Sunrise Senior College.

The Summer Shorts Program is included as part of your membership. These events are offered throughout the summer months to all current members of Sunrise Senior College. The programs are normally only a single session with the events being scheduled from June to the end of August. They are uniquely designed to fit the busy lifestyle of Mainers and are very popular with many of our summer residents who visit Maine during the summer months.

The Winter Warm Ups Program presented during January and February is open to the public and helps bring people together during the cold winter months.

As a public service Sunrise Senior College offers ‘Free and Open to the public’ Special Events on interesting subjects throughout the year in an effort to keep the public informed.

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Latest Course Offering

Click link for 2017 Spring Brochure 2017 Spring Brochure

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The Spring Session starts March 6, 2017, and runs through May.  Your Spring Brochure will be mailed to you in early January and the signup period will end on February 3, 2017.

Our Newsletter

The Jabberwocky is Sunrise Senior College’s newspaper and is published twice a year. Want to know more about who we are? This publication is an excellent way to gain an understanding of what we are all about and the types of activities we make available throughout the year.

Winter Warm-ups Announced

The 2017 Winter Warm-ups will again screen videos of the Camden Conference – this year highlighting “The New Africa”. This is quality, thought-provoking and memorable time well spent. The diversity and authenticity of speakers, from the African continent, Europe and the US, provide keen insight into the issues and successes of the African people. You will leave the room with new information and feel enriched with the stories and strength of the speakers and their people. You won’t think of Africa in the same way again.

Click here for details on Winter Warm-ups 2017 Winter Warm-ups