Areas of Specialization

The Recreation and Tourism Management Program requires that every student take a minimum of 15 credit hours of course work in an area of specialization. This specialization is self-designed by the student with approval of their academic advisor.

Some common specializations include Adventure Recreation, Sport and Fitness Management, Tourism Management and Park Management. Each is explained below with a list of courses to select from to meet the 15 credit requirement. Other options are also available.

Adventure Recreation

Adventure Recreation is for those who want to work in the exciting realm of outdoor adventures. This includes game wardens, guiding, outfitting, adventure camping, whitewater rafting, back country activities and much more. Some courses to choose from include:

  Course Name

REM 123

River Canoeing and Camping (St. John River)

REM 125

Sailing and Basic Seamanship

REM 211

Recreational Hunting and Fishing

REM 221

Fundamentals of Search and Rescue

PHE 103

Open Water SCUBA

PHE 210

Advanced Open Water SCUBA

REM 222

Rescue Diver

REM 206

Sea Kayaking and Guiding

REM 353

River Trip Guiding

REM 212

Wilderness First Responder

REM 443

Recreation Leadership Practicum

Sport and Fitness Management

Sport and Fitness Management is a broad area that includes coaching, sports marketing, athletic directors, personal fitness trainers, athletic training, fitness instructors and more. A foundation can be achieved which along with certifications can start a student on their way to an exciting career. Some courses in this area include:

  Course Name

BIO 110

Human Anatomy and Physiology

REM 213

Fundamentals of Coaching

REM 224

Sport and Rec Injury Management

REM 245

Personal Fitness Training

REM 313

Advanced Athletic Training


Sports Information Management (coming soon)

REM 323

Principles of Strength and Conditioning

REM 217


REM 326

Athletic Administration and Sports Management


Sports Marketing (coming soon)

REM 414

Grant Writing


Event Management (coming soon)

PSY 223

Sports Psychology

Tourism Management

Tourism Management is another broad area of study which can result in employment in hotels, restaurants, resorts, theme parks, chambers of commerce, state tourism offices and much more. Some important courses include:

  Course Name

REM 219

Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality

GEO 101

Introduction to Geography

ANT 101

Cultural Anthropology

CSE 109

Advanced Web Page Design

ECO 202


POS 216

State and Local Government

ECO 324


MAR 406

Marketing Research

REM 3xx

Tourism Management (coming soon)

Park Management

Park Management is an area that includes being a park ranger, park interpreter, park planner, park law enforcement officer, park manager and other positions. Some courses which provide excellent background include:

  Course Name

REM 212

Wilderness First Responder

REM 221

Fundamentals of Search and Rescue

ENV 111

Natural Resource Ecology

ENV 112

Environmental Issues

ENV 102

Atlantic Salmon Conservation

ECO 223

Environmental Economics

POS 305

Environmental Policy

POS 215/216

American National Gov./State and Local Gov.

BIO 313


GIS 230

Geographic Information Systems

REM 411

Rec & Wilderness Management

REM 412

Park Interpretation

These areas of specialization can be as unique as outdoor journalist, camp management, retail, recreation programmer, arts and leisure and others. The faculty will work with each student individually to design a specialization which provides a quality education as well as employment potential. Let’s talk and see what we can do for you.

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