Snow Days, Cancellation of Classes, and Winter Parking Regulations

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Updated: October 29, 2011

How and when is the decision made to cancel or delay the start of day classes and work?  As a general policy, the University makes every effort to keep classes and offices open, no matter what the weather conditions.  On questionable days, the decision is based upon consultation with key staff members and reports from weather bureaus, the Maine Dept. of Transportation, the Maine State Police, and physical plant personnel who have traveled to work during the early morning hours.  Classes and work are cancelled or delayed only when extreme weather conditions exist over a broad area of the region.

If day classes or work are to be delayed or cancelled, the President will make that final determination by 6:00 a.m.  That information will be available by 6:15 a.m. in several ways.

  1. A recorded message will be available at UMM’s campus closings extension at 255-1395.

  2. A notice will be posted on UMM’s Web site at

  3. The following radio and television stations will be contacted:
    WLBZ TV Channel 2    WQDY 92.7 FM        WNSX 97.7 FM        WBSB 104.7 FM
    WABI TV Channel 5     WEZQ 92.9 FM        WLKE 99.1 FM         WQCB 106.5 FM
    WVII TV Channel 7      WKSQ 94.5 FM        WFZX 101.7 FM        WBZN 107 FM
    WABI 910 AM              WALZ 95.3 FM         WGUY 102.1 FM
    WDEA 1370 AM           WWMJ 95.7 FM        WCRQ 102.9 FM
    WERU 89.9FM             WWBX 97.1FM         WVOM 103.9 FM

  4. An email will be sent using the campus and student list serves.

  5. A notice will be sent out on e2campus.

A decision to cancel evening classes will typically be made by 1:00 p.m.  This information is made available in the same several ways as for day classes or work.

What happens if classes or work are delayed, but not cancelled?  The announcement will state the time at which classes and work will begin, and our normal schedule will be followed for the rest of that day.  For example, if the University doesn’t open until 10:00 on a Monday, neither 8:00 nor 9:00 classes will meet on that day.  A delayed opening does not mean that classes scheduled for earlier that morning are simply postponed until later in the day; instead, those classes are cancelled.

What about days when UMM operates on a normal schedule despite inclement weather conditions?  Students, faculty, and staff must use their own judgment as to whether inclement weather conditions prevent them from attending classes or work.  You should not knowingly jeopardize your safety to travel on dangerous and unsafe roads or to travel when the state police advise against it.  Conversely, you should not use the weather as an excuse to avoid travel to the University when actual weather and road conditions do not prevent safe travel.

If the University is open and a faculty or staff member is unable to attend work because of inclement weather, it is your responsibility to notify your supervisor or division chair to cover the vacancy.  Supervisors and division chairs should plan for this coverage in advance.

Winter Parking Regulations:  Vehicles parked in violation of UMM’s winter parking regulations will be towed at the owner’s expense.  Effective November 15, 2011 to March 31, 2012, including weekends, breaks, and holidays, no parking is allowed on the sides of any campus road or in the major parking lots between the hours of midnight and 7:00 a.m.  This does not include the residence lots or the Reynolds Center dirt lot.  See winter parking maps posted around campus for more detail.

For students living in the residence halls, when it starts snowing if you are parked in the Sennett Hall front parking lot SE1 move your vehicle to the soccer field parking lot.  After a snow storm a schedule for snow removal from residence hall parking lots will be announced by the Physical Facilities Department through the Resident Directors. During class days, snow removal will be scheduled to start at 8:00pm in the evening after classes are over.  Students who are away from campus overnight for any reason without their vehicle should move it to either the soccer field lot or the Reynolds Center dirt lot.

Winter Safety Tips: Be sure you have good tires, check for wear and inflation, and check your spare.  Make sure your car battery is in excellent condition and that your headlights, taillights, and signal lights are all working.  Carry a small shovel, a spare set of warm clothes, and a blanket.  Remember to adjust your speed to the road conditions and match the flow of traffic.  And, as always, buckle your seat belt.  It is important to be prepared!  Have a safe winter.

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