The Binnacle

Sixth Annual Ultra-Short Competition

Grand Prize
Tania Hershman - My Mother Was an Upright Piano

Top Poetry Prize
Barbara Fleming Phillips - Pop’s Garden

Top Prose Prize
Nancy Brown Stump - Any Waitress Worth Her Tips Knows

Top UMM Student Work
Myra K. Merritt - Black Light

Editor's Choice - Poetry
Ellen La Fleche - When She Was a Girl

Editor's Choice - Prose
Vanessa Gebbie - Chameleon

Honored Writers & Works
(Selected From Nearly 950 Submission - In Reverse Alphabetical Order, According to First Name)
Vicky Grut - Late Developer
Veronica Keywood - Riding to Ride
Traci Grimaldi - Winter’s Whisper
Tom Sanchez Prunier - along desert floor
Tara Tabbutt - Remember
SuzAnne C. Cole - The Lonely One
Susi Gregg Fowler - Alice, in a Daze, Answers Her Long-Lost Friend from Wonderland
Stan Long - Keeping Tag
Shannon Schuren - Lights Out
Sandra Erickson - Statistics
Samantha Priestley - Barefoot Love
Ruth Almon - Poetic License
Randall A. Martin - Fiddlin’ on the Roof
Peggy Douglas - Swinging
Patty Olds - Opening Night
Patti McCarty - Katydid
Pamela Johnson Parker - Triage
Oonah V Joslin - First Love
Nora Nadjarian - And the Seven Dwarves
Nik Perring - The Poor Man’s Prayer
Mercedes M. Yardley - Morning Glory
Melvin Haris - What’s Good for the Gander
Melindy Wynn-Bourne - Breaking/Broken
Maureen Sherbondy - The Teenage Boy and the Fruit Fly
Mark Harding - Learning
Margaret Karmazin - Symptoms
Lynn Veach Sadler - Houseplant
Lyn Michaud - Perhaps to Dream
Linda Courtland - Tricks
Kathleen Clauson - A Penny for Good Luck
Kate LaDew - caught him looking
John Gosslee - At 18
Jennifer Moore - Her Lover’s Raincoat
Erik Svehaug - Married Love, July
Ellen Lindquist -Busride Stranger
Ellen Birkett Morris - This is the Final Day of Years of Sweetness
Elizabeth Westmark - Glove
Douglas Bruton - Fervente’s Muse
Doug Mathewson - Buddy from the Group Home
Didi Wood - Spelling Counts
Diane Smith - Roses and Ambrosia
D.I. Telbat - Any Tree
Caroline Michalicki - The Pie Lie
Carol Carpenter - New World Spices
Beverly Akerman - After Katrina
Barbara McMakin - A Bird in the Hand
Anthony Kane Evans - the small death of a local poet
Anne Earney - An American Dream
Anne Brooke - Turning Point
Andrea Kneeland - Spark

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