Sampling Site for the Maine Oil Spill Advisory Committee

Cody Jourdet, Fall 2008

The Maine Oil Spill Advisory Committee was formed to investigate the ecological effects an oil spill would have in the Gulf of Maine.  The committee had commissioned studies to be completed on the hydrography and the flow of currents in Cobscook to see which areas of the coast would be most at risk.  In May of 2008 Dr. Brian Beal, a professor of Marine Ecology at the University of Maine at Machias created a study and wrote a grant to the MOSAC committee for a 2 year project requesting funds to conduct a benthic organism assessment along the coasts of Cobscook Bay. (see )  The study encompasses nine sites within the bay area and focuses on animals which live on or in the sediment.  This study's goal is to provide an updated community assessment pertaining to the diversity and abundance of benthic infauna of the inter tidal zone of the bay

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