Undergraduate Research Lab

A grant from the Maine Technology Institute (MTI) provided funds to renovate an existing classroom into a dedicated marine teaching and research laboratory.

research laboratory

We are excited to be able to develop this dedicated research space because students currently use communal space regularly used for lab classes. The current arrangement makes it difficult to maintain projects that require non-portable equipment, dedicated space, complex setup or clean up, or particularly clean environments.

research laboratory

The newly renovated space will also reduce demand on current lab spaces, making their use more efficient and effective.

Local contractors began the actual renovations in September 2007. The lab will be available for student use at the beginning of the Spring 2008 semester.

research laboratory

In the research laboratory there will be bench space for undergraduate students and faculty working on marine related research. There is also a new fume hood and bench space for dedicated equipment, such as the new DNA sequencer.

A laminar flow hood donated by Machias Home Health was also able to be placed in the research lab and will enable research projects that involve work with cells or bacteria.

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