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Reisman Provides Economic Predictions for Mainebiz

Added on: January 09, 2012

Jon ReismanJon Reisman, associate professor of economics and public policy, and four other Maine economists share their predictions for 2012 in the January 9th issue of Mainebiz.

Five economists share their predictions for Maine in 2012

(Mainebiz - January 9, 2012)

Every year, Mainebiz asks five prominent Maine economists to give us their predictions for the upcoming year. Given we're still trying to crawl out of the worst economic hole since the Great Depression, we're really putting them to the test.

This year, our panel of experts (introduced below) see threats from economic turmoil in Europe, a paralyzed Congress and lackluster movement in Maine's housing market and job creation. They don't call it the dismal science for nothing. On the upside, consumer spending should trend upward. Check out the forecasts.

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