Course and Registration Policies

Add/Drop Procedures

Students can use MaineStreet to add courses to their Fall 2016 schedules through September 4th, and to drop courses through September 11th.  Students can also see Drop and Withdrawal deadlines for any class by clicking on the Calendar icons on their MaineStreet Class Schedule.   Students sign into MaineStreet using their email login and password.  Directions for placing oneself on a Wait List can be found below.

Students who choose to add and drop courses using the paper-based system must obtain the signature of their advisors on an add-drop form which can be obtained from and must be returned to the Student Services Center or the Registrar's Office by the indicated dates.

Add/Drop Deadlines

Adding Courses

No student may add a course after the start of the fourth class hour of that class without the written approval of the instructor and their advisor (last day to add a course: September 4, 2016).  For courses which do not run the full length of the semester, the add deadline is the 7% point of the course (equivalent to first week of a normal semester). 

Late Course Adds

Students wishing to add a semester-long course after the end of the third week (after September 18th) must complete a Late Course Add Form and obtain the written approval of the instructor, advisor and the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Students must indicate the compelling reasons for adding a course this long after the add deadline. The student and the instructor must also indicate on the form the manner in which the student will make up the work missed at the beginning of the semester.

A Late Course Add Form must also be used by any student wishing to add a course which meets during a session shorter than a full term, if 20% of the session has already passed.

A Late Course Add Form is not required for Directed or Independent Studies, Co-ops or Internships.

Dropping Courses

Students who are not withdrawing from school completely may reduce their course load without any financial penalty through the first two weeks of the semester (last date to drop a course: September 11th). For classes which do not run the full length of the semester, the drop deadline is the 14% point of the course (equivalent to the first two weeks of a normal semester).  Dropping a course during this period will leave no record of course registration on the student's record.  

After the drop period has passed, students may withdraw from a course using the Course Withdrawal form. See Withdrawal Procedures and Deadlines.

Check the Calendar Icon 

Check the Calendar icon  next to each course on your MaineStreet Class Schedule, especially if you are taking classes from several UMS institutions.  The drop and withdrawal deadlines will be listed for each class.

Students Who Stop Attending

Students who stop attending classes during the drop period will be removed from those classes, since the university is obligated by law only to report as enrolled those students who are actually attending or participating in classes.  In online classes, signing into Blackboard will be considered attendance or participation in the class.  

After the end of the drop period, students who disappear from classes, but fail to withdraw, will be assigned a grade of L, which has the same value as an F on the student's grade point average.  Financial aid may be adjusted depending on the student's last reported date of attendance.

Wait Lists

Students may place themselves on a Wait List by checking the "Wait List if Closed" box when adding classes to their MaineStreet schedule.  The system will indicate to the student their position on the Wait List.  Students using the paper-based system must have either the signature of their advisor or their PIN for the term on an add slip in order to be waitlisted for the class.  No student may be added to a Wait List after the first day of classes for the term. 

Before the start of the term, students on Wait Lists will be automatically moved into classes as space becomes available.  Students should check their MaineStreet schedules to find out whether or not they've been moved into a class.  Students who no longer wish to be enrolled in the waitlisted class are responsible for dropping the class from their MaineStreet schedule. 

**PLEASE NOTE** Students in any of the following situations will NOT be moved into a class from the Wait List:

  • if you have any type of Hold which stops registration (i.e. Business Office, Immunization, etc.)
  • if  you are already enrolled in another section of the class (in other words, do not enroll in one section and Wait List for another)
  • if the waitlisted class will put you over 18 credits for the term

Students who are still on the Wait List when the term starts should present themselves at the first class to find out if the instructor has room in the class, which may be made available by non-attending students.  Students who are still on Wait Lists when the term starts need to obtain the instructor's signature on an add slip and submit the form to the Registrar's Office in order to be added to the Class Roster.  Waitlisted students are accepted into classes on a space-available basis, in the order in which they were waitlisted for the class. 

Students who request to enter a class after Wait Lists have closed must obtain the signature of the instructor on an add slip, or ask the instructor to send written permission to the Registrar's Office via email ( 

Incomplete Grades

An Incomplete is a temporary grade indicating that specific arrangements have been made with the instructor to complete work by a later date not to exceed 210 days. An "I" which is not removed by the prearranged date is replaced with the grade specified on the Incomplete Grade Contract. If no grade is specified, the Incomplete is turned to an "F."

Students who wish to arrange to take an Incomplete for the semester should consult with the faculty member teaching the course. If the instructor agrees that an Incomplete is appropriate, the instructor will complete an Incomplete Grade Contract in MaineStreet which specifies the following:

  • the work to be completed by the student
  • the date by which the student will complete the work
  • the grade the student will receive if the work is not completed.

The Registrar's Office waits until 210 days after the end of the semester in which the Incomplete was given, then changes any remaining Incomplete grades to the grade specified on the Incomplete Grade Contract. If no grade is specified, the Incomplete is turned to an "F."

When is an Incomplete appropriate?

If a student has completed almost all the requirements for a course, but has a compelling reason for not being able to complete the rest of the requirements on time, an Incomplete may be appropriate.

If a student has not completed most of the work for a course, an Incomplete is not appropriate.  The student should receive the grade he/she earned for the course, or an "L," with last date of attendance/participation, if appropriate (for students who disappear from a course).  Any student who receives an "F" or an "L," and who wishes to retake the course, needs to register for the course during a subsequent term in order to participate in the class.

Does an instructor have to give a student an Incomplete?

No.  Instructors are not obligated to give a student an Incomplete grade.

How soon will the grade be changed?

Students need to be aware that it may take the instructor some time to evaluate late work.  The instructor is under no obligation to issue the final grade for a course immediately upon receipt of the late materials.

The Registrar's Office waits until 210 days after the end of the semester in which the Incomplete was given, then changes any remaining Incomplete grades to the grade specified on the Incomplete Grade Contract. If no grade is specified, the Incomplete is turned to an "F."  

Repeating Courses

When a student repeats a course, the initial grade remains on the transcript, but only the latest grade is used for computing the grade point average.

Credit earned for all previously completed attempts of the course will be lost.

When a student completes the exact equivalent of a UMM course at another institution (while registered at that institution) with an acceptable grade, the effect of the original grade on the student's GPA will be cancelled. However, the grade the student earned at the other institution will not replace the original grade in the calculation of the GPA, in accordance with standard transfer credit policy.

Pass/Fail Policy

Courses are graded on an A-F basis unless otherwise noted in the course description.

When a course is graded on a Pass/Fail basis, the grade of P will be considered to be equivalent to a C- or better. A grade of LP (Low Pass) may also be assigned, and considered the equivalent of a D+, D or D-. A grade of F earned in a course graded on a pass/fail basis will not affect the grade point average.

When a course may be taken pass/fail at the option of the student, the student must declare his/her option in writing before the end of the second week of classes by submitting the Declaration of Grade Option form to the Registrar's Office, or to the instructor, who will in turn submit the student's form to the Registrar's Office.

Once made, this decision cannot be changed.

Auditing a Course

A student may audit a course for informational instruction only. A student who audits does not receive academic credit for work done.

A student may register for any course on an audit basis by obtaining the approval of the course instructor on a Course Audit Request form. Students auditing a course pay full price for tuition and fees.

A course registration may only be changed to or from audit status during the first week of the semester. Instructor permission is required.

Full-time students may not use the audit registration as a basis for exceeding the usual credit maximum of 18 semester hours. Audit registration also may not be used as a means of achieving full-time status.

Audit registrations will appear as such on the permanent record of the student. The University, therefore, reserves the right to monitor the attendance of the auditing student.


Many courses have prerequisites, or courses that need to be completed prior to the course in question. Students should check the Course Descriptions to identify course prerequisites.

The prerequisite rules assume that you will pass the courses in which you are currently enrolled. If you later fail a course which is a prerequisite for a later course, your registration may be dropped for failure to meet the required prerequisite(s).

Who Can Register for Classes?

In general, the minimum prerequisite for enrollment in University courses is the high school diploma or equivalent. Certain courses may have prerequisites in the form of prior courses. Anyone who does not meet general or specific course prerequisites may be permitted to enroll in certain courses based on work experience or other qualifications, with permission of the instructor. Course descriptions and course prerequisites are available in MaineStreet Class Search, from the Registrar's Office, or the UMM ITV Office (for UMM Distance Education courses). High school students may enroll in certain courses, based on their qualifications. Students should work through their high school guidance counselors to find out more about UMM's Early College program.

Students enrolling in college-level English or math courses for the first time must take the appropriate UMM placement exam.  Please contact the Student Services Center at 207.255.1470 or by email at for more details.  

There are no prerequisites for enrollment in non-credit courses.

A person need not apply for admission or be accepted in a UMM degree program in order to enroll in courses. Such non-degree registration, however, is limited to eight credits per semester.

Away Approval

Students matriculated in UMM degree programs are expected to secure written approval prior to taking coursework at another institution.

Students should complete an Away Approval form well in advance of registering at the "away" institution.

Prior approval will ensure that the course will transfer back to UMM as recorded on the Away Approval form, as long as the student completes the course at a regionally accredited institution and earns an acceptable grade.

Credit approved for courses taken at other institutions will be evaluated and posted to the student's record according to UMM's Transfer Credit policies.


If you think the prerequisite rules are missing some important information about your record, or don't seem to recognize the course you've taken as a prerequisite, call or email the Registrar's Office (207-255-1223 or and we will check into the situation.

If you don't have the needed prerequisite(s), but DO have the instructor's permission, ask the professor to sign an add/drop form and bring to the Registrar's Offie for processing. You will also need to include your semester PIN number or your advisor's signature on the form.

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