Recreation and Tourism Management Faculty

The faculty who serve the Recreation and Tourism Management program full-time are:

  • Dr. Bill Eckart:
    • Master's Degree and Ph.D. in Recreation
    • Specializes in facility management, games and sports, administration and management, and tourism
    • Serves on Maine Tourism Commission and Maine Recreation and Park Association Board of Directors
  • Dr. Andrea Ednie
    • Master's Degree and PhD in Recreation and Tourism
    • Specializes in Outdoor Recreation and Tourism
    • Works with Maine Island Trails, Leave No trace program and others
  • Rick Scribner:
    • Master's Degree in Health, Physical Education and Recreation
    • Master Maine Guide, Sea Kayaking Guide, Boating and Hunter Safety Instructor
    • Specializes in Outdoor Recreation courses, Search and Rescue, Wilderness and Park Management


The full-time recreation faculty are assisted by business faculty who teach required management courses. They include:

  • Ron Mosley (Business Law)
  • Bernice Murphy (Accounting, Human Behavior in Organizations, Human Resource Management)
  • Bob Tropea (Marketing)


In addition, other UMM faculty help to deliver courses in areas of specialization including:

  • Kevin Athearn (Eco-Tourism and International Business)
  • Kevin Alley (Aquatics)


UMM is currently searching for an Athletic Trainer and other sports staff. These additions will teach other courses in the Sports and Fitness area of specialization.

All of these faculty members are primary players in the Recreation and Tourism Management program. Of course, other UMM faculty make great contributions to the program in areas such as psychology, government, sciences and more. All students are engaged with a diverse faculty from many disciplines.

Recreation Management

From day one, you will have the opportunities to plan, organize, and run campus and community activities including sports programs, ski and canoe races and trips.

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