Readmission to UMM

Readmission Application ButtonA matriculated student who fails to enroll continuously each fall and spring semester, and who has not taken an official leave of absence, must apply for readmission to pursue a degree program. Application for readmission is made through the Admissions Office.

The student's status and class standing will be determined by a review of his or her previous academic work at UMM (and other institutions, if applicable), the period of time that has elapsed since active enrollment at UMM, and changes in the curriculum and program requirements.

Students who are accepted for readmission to UMM enter under the catalog requirements in force at the time of readmission, unless the student specifically requests on their readmission application to be readmitted under a catalog in force at the time of their earlier attendance.

Request for Grade Forgiveness: A student who is readmitted to UMM after a period of two or more years may choose to request grade forgiveness for all previous work done at the institution. To qualify, students must have matriculated and enrolled at the time of the request, and have completed at least 15 credits at the institution with a minimum GPA of 2.5 after the point of readmission.

If grade forgiveness is approved, the student retains past credits for courses in which a grade of C- or higher was received. The effect of all prior quality points is nullified and the student’s cumulative GPA is reset to zero. All prior grades earned continue to be displayed on the student’s transcript, though they do not affect the student’s cumulative GPA.

Students applying for readmission who wish to request the grade forgiveness policy must make this request on their application for readmission.

To apply for readmission, please call our Admissions Office at 1-888-468-6866 or e-mail UMM Admissions. We accept applications up until one week before classes start.

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