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Personal Training Fees

Fitness Center Member Fees

  • Fitness Assessment           $18.00 (Required of new clients)
  • 1 Session                           $26.00
  • 4 Session Package             $101.00
  • 8 Session Package             $194.00
  • 10 Session Package           $234.00
  • Partner Training                $15.00
    (per person, per session, up to 4 people)

Non-Member Fees

  • Fitness Assessment           $22.00 (Required of new clients)
  • 1 Session                           $31.00
  • 4 Session Package             $117.00
  • 8 Session Package             $227.00
  • 10 Session Package           $274.00
  • Partner Training                $20.00
    (per person, per session, up to 4 people)

Personal Training at the Fitness Center

Why personal train at the Fitness Center?

  • You are looking to start an exercise routine.
  • You want to learn the proper way to train
  • You are looking for a change in your routine.
  • You are looking to lose weight or just get in shape.

What can you do with a personal trainer?

  • Create an individualized workout to meet your fitness and health goals.
  • Enhance your lean body mass.
  • Learn to live a healthier lifestyle.
  • Improve your quality of life.
  • Gain the motivation to stay with your exercise program.
  • Improve your speed, strength, agility and quickness.

How do I hire a personal trainer?

*Step One: Obtain and complete the Health Risk and Medical Questionnaires.

  • The Questionnaires evaluate your current health and risk of disease and determines if a Medical Clearance is required. The questionnaires can be obtained at the front desk at the Fitness Center.

*Step Two: Return the Questionnaires

  • The Questionnaires can be returned to the front desk.

*Step Three: Schedule a fitness assessment

  • A Fitness Center staff member will contact you to schedule your Fitness Assessment. The Fitness Assessment lasts approximately one hour and evaluates:
  1. Body Composition
  2. Balance
  3. Flexibility
  4. Cardiovascular Endurance
  5. Muscular Strength and Endurance at the conclusion, a comprehensive report will be provided

*Step Four: Schedule your training sessions.

  • Session can be purchased with one, four, eight or ten session packages. One session provides a step-by-step orientation of your cardiovascular, resistance training, and flexibility programs. Multiple sessions provide the opportunity to progress your routine to deter boredom and performance plateaus.

For more information call 207-255-1408 or Email


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