Digitization of Machiasport Petroglyphs

Kyle Pepperman, Fall 2008

This project set out to capture a digital map of an existing paper survey of actual Passamaquoddy petroglyphs located in Machiasport, Maine. A digitizing table was used to trace each individual petroglyph illustration in order to create a layer of digital sketches, which appear at scale on the digital map. Scale was preserved by using predefined waypoints, which were recorded by a University of Maine at Machias GPS class. Digitization accounted for the majority of the time consumed by the project due to the large number of individual characters that needed to be mapped. Each character image was composed of many vertices, which outline the shape of the object to create polygon features for each character. The images acquired from the digitizer were set on a background of a rock face layer that was already mapped by a previous individual. Color and graphic options were used to highlight the petroglyphs and give the map a sense of life. The gradient fill placed on the rock face layer tends to give the map a sense of spiral motion as the map transverses through time towards the reader of the map. This project was an overall success and future work will be needed to completely map all of the petroglyphs that reside in Machiasport, Maine.

Machiasport Petroglyphs

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