Planning and Budget Advisory Committee (PBAC)


The Planning and Budget Advisory Committee (PBAC) was launched in September 2007.  It combines and replaces three previous ad hoc committees--the Budget Advisory Committee, the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, and the Space Committee.


The PBAC is advisory to the president and the UMM community on the relationship between long-range planning and budget development, as well as the implications of planning and budget decisions for various aspects of University operations.


  • During fall semester, consider proposals from the University faculty and staff for new positions and make formal recommendations to the Administration regarding action on those proposals
  • During spring semester, assist in developing and shaping the University's annual budget proposal for the following year.
  • Provide advice and feedback to the Administration on budget policies and actions.  Assist in identifying budget issues that impede the pursuit of the University's mission, and recommend suggestions to improve and/or resolve such issues.

Strategic Planning

  • Assist in the development, implementation, and assessment of the University's strategic plan.
  • Assist in assuring that long-term strategic and financial planning are integrated and mission driven.  Committee recommendations regarding strategic and financial planning should be based on a periodic review of an appropriate dashboard set of University data that includes benchmarks and targets.

Physical Facilities

  • Respond to proposals from campus constituents for significant changes in the use of physical facilities on campus, when such changes affect more than one department or program.  Establish ad hoc subcommittees with relevant non-PBAC membership, as necessary and appropriate, to consider proposals and make recommendations to the University administration.

Space Redeployment Form

  • Any person or unit wishing to use a space for new activity completes Section I and submits it to the PBAC.  Copies of the complete form will be distributed to all impacted parties, requesting their written comment under Section II.  Then the completed form will be considered by the PBAC, who will make a recommendation to the President.


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