Origins of University of Maine at Machias' Instate Students

Sam Irish, GIS Fall 2008

Abstract: Two maps were created in order to track the origins of University of Maine at Machias' student's during the first five decades of the 20th century. They were created at the behest of Professor Randall Kindleberger as an aid to the research being done by Brigid Tierney for the Fall 2008 Historical Studies class. The maps could prove useful in the future as an example of the strong link that the campus has with Washington county, and hopefully may be used as such by the Admissions office. The data used in the creation of this map was gleaned through long hours pouring over admissions records, school yearbooks, and course registers. For this reason, this map may also prove useful to the library staff and archive workers at the University, as it is a tangible representation of the amalgamation of their data and computer graphics.

Instate Students at UMM 1926-1936

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Instate Students at UMM 1937-1958

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