Student Outcomes

" new job is a bit overwhelming but I'm learning so much!! And I am SO thankful for my education from UMM... both the psychology piece (of course) and the community studies piece, which I did not foresee being as important until I began this job. Reaching out to other agencies has really helped me! One woman at ... Community Action even thanked me because so few providers participate in community outreach opportunities."  Shana Russell '12

Testimonial from an employer, 2013:
"Over the past year, the Department of Health and Human Services, Machias, Maine has hired seven graduates from University of Maine, Machias, all of whom were very well prepared and eager to proceed in learning the skills of becoming a productive, successful Human Services Caseworker. Their creative professionalism and personal skill has been very welcomed by the Office of Child and Family Services.  Human Services Caseworkers need many skills. Caseworkers need to be eager to learn, adapt to change, be flexible, organized, supportive, open minded, articulate-both verbal and written, a team player, and more to ensure child safety and well being. The alumni hired from University of Maine, Machias had the entry level prerequisites to begin the continued learning journey to develop into competent caseworkers and to assist the families in Washington county to safely care for their children.  These skills gained through their work with the Department have allowed them to become valued and contributing members of their communities."

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