P.J. Singh
Professional staff (thru 5/14)
Rose Mondville
Classifed staff (thru 5/15)
Rick Scribner
Professional Studies (thru 5/16)
Randall Kindleberger
Arts and Letters (thru 5/14)
Sherrie Sprangers
Environmental and Biological Sciences (thru 5/15)
Tom Potter
President's Cabinet
Blaine Jones UMM Board of Visitors
Jonathan Berry
Commuter student appointed by President
Landon Knittweis
Residential student appointed by Student Senate


  • Committee members typically serve a three-year term.  Returning to the committee for a subsequent term typically is permissible only following a hiatus of at least two years.  Terms of service correspond to the academic year, September through May.
  • Elected members serve with the understanding that they represent both their respective units and the entire UMM community.  Elected members are strongly encouraged to keep their constituents well informed about the deliberations and decisions of the PBAC, and to communicate the ideas, questions, and concerns of their constituents back to the PBAC.
  • Elected voting members shall include five full-time UMM employees, including one faculty representative from each academic division, on professional staff representative, and one classified staff representative.
  • Two students-one residential and one commuter-shall serve as voting members.  Student Senate shall select the residential student, and the president shall appoint the commuting student.
  • Additional voting members appointed by the president shall include one member of the Senior Staff and one member of UMM's Board of Visitors.
  • Ex-officio, non-voting members shall include the president, vice presidents, and others as appointed by the president.


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