Lisa M.It Feels Like I Belong in a Family

Name: Lisa Mogilka '15
Major: Marine Biology
Hometown: Goshen, Massachusetts
Hobbies and Interests: Reading, animals, sea otters

Hey! My name is Lisa Mogilka. I'm currently a sophomore here at UMM studying marine biology. One of the reasons why I chose to come to UMM was because of the small class sizes. My average class size is about 14 students. This makes it so I could get hands on experience out in the field my first year here. I was out at the ocean collecting samples and doing experiments my first year in college! Another reason was how small the school is. It forms its own small community. I know everyone and it feels like I belong in a family.

On campus, I work in the admissions office. Everyone is really kind there. Last year, I tried out the cheerleading club, which was really fun. I'm also trying to get involved in the new organization, the Sportsmen's club. The last few days, our campus has been playing a game called Assassins. Basically, you get a target and you're goal is to get them with a nerf gun, before someone else gets you! I played that, but I got out on the first day, unfortunately. Today, we had the juggler from Americas Got Talent Charles Peachock come to UMM. It was amazing. He juggled so many things including knives!

After Machias, I would love to work at Sea World. I also want to go to Australia and study there for a short period of time.

- Lisa Mogilka '15

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