Developing Management and Leadership Skills

The Recreation program at UMM is closely affiliated with the Business and Entrepreneurial Studies program, with both housed in the Professional Studies Division. All recreation students must take a core of business courses taught by quality Business faculty including:

  • Marketing
  • Business Law
  • Computers
  • Accounting
  • Human Behavior in Organizations or Human Resource Management

These courses provide a foundation which is enhanced by Recreation course work in:

  • Program Planning
  • Administration and Supervision
  • Facility Operations
  • Facility Planning and Design

In addition, each student designs an area of specialization which normally includes additional management skills. The entire program is designed with the expectation that graduates will become managers at some point in their careers.

Our slogan is:

"When we say Recreation, We mean Business."

Gaining Hands-on Leadership Skills

Your course work at UMM goes far beyond classroom discussion or lecture. You will participate in activities and have opportunities to lead activities which all contribute to the development of leadership skills.

In Outdoor Recreation courses you will paddle canoes and kayaks, find your way through the woods, cross country ski and snowshoe, navigate the whitewater of the Machias River and East Machias River and more. In Leisure Activities you will lead games at Homecoming as well as plan and perform in the Haunted Forest. And these are just the beginning.

Most course work at UMM in recreation and tourism includes active participation with fellow students, the community, professionals in the field, and/or the natural environment. This experiential learning gives students confidence, skills and marketable qualities that make them stronger candidates for employment while in school as well as after graduation.

Recreation Management Learning Outcomes

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