Madden Tournament Rules


Participation is limited to currently-enrolled, University of Maine at Machias students or faculty and staff.

UMM students must be enrolled in current semester (Example must be enrolled in the Spring to play Spring sports)


Sportsmanship is an important part of Intramural Sports. In order to encourage proper conduct before, during, and after the scheduled contest, officials, supervisors, and intramural staff will make decisions on whether to warn, penalize, or eject players, teams, and/or spectators for unsportsmanlike conduct. The team captain is responsible for the actions of any player on his/her team and for spectators directly related to that team. The conduct of all players and spectators before and after the game is as important as conduct during the game. Participants’ sportsmanship can affect your team’s eligibility for playoffs.

FACULTY/STAFF PARTICIPATION Faculty/Staff must demonstrate positive examples of behavior and professionalism when competing with students. Not doing so will suffer game suspension and possible indefinite suspension for future Intramural events.


Mercy Rule: If either player gains a lead of 28 or more points in a game after fourth quarter has begun, the game is ended with the player leading declared the winner. This rule will not be in affect during semi-finals and championship round.

If a glitch/freeze occurs in the system the game will be completely restarted but will still have the same settings (i.e. teams).

Any attempt to make the game glitch/freeze will result in an automatic forfeit from the game. Throwing controller, excessively pausing and starting the game frequently to freeze game play, committing encroachment multiple times in a row will result in a forfeit and potential disqualification from the rest of the tournament.

Controllers will be provided by intramural staff. However, if you wish to bring your own controller you may. Controller must be approved by intramural staff (i.e. no modded controllers). Wired and Wireless controllers are allowed.

Audible and Depth Chart: Teams will have 5 minutes max each after the game has began to set up their depth chart and audible. This will be done after the coin toss before the opening kickoff. You can reorder parts of your depth chart during a game but if it is becoming excessive you will not be allowed to anymore during the game.

Glitches: If you perform any glitch at all in the game you will automatically forfeit.


Players and teams will be matched up at the meeting by names being put in a hat and drawn and then a team will be drawn for that person.

Only current NFL teams will be allowed in the tournament

No special teams allowed

Participants will keep the same team all tournaments long.

Each Team will have the opportunity to be the home and away team against the other teams. 


Game Skill: Pro

Play call Style: Conventional

Event Type: Quick Play

Quarter: 5 Minutes

Accelerated Clock: 20 seconds

Time: 1:00 P.M.

Stadium: Home Team’s stadium (except for Super Bowl

Weather: Clear

Overtime: First to score wins

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