Lois-Ann Kuntz
Lois-Ann Kuntz
Associate Professor of Psychology
B.S., University of Georgia
M.S., University of Central Florida
Ph.D., University of Florida

Lois-Ann Kuntz

Title: Associate Professor of Psychology
Applied Psychology Concentration
Psychology & Community Studies Program

Phone: 207.255.1244
Email: lkuntz@maine.edu
Location: Kimball Hall Room 29
Office Hours: Click here for PDF

“I’ve always been interested in what we can do to improve people’s lives. I’m interested in how to improve human relations within our physical, biological, social, occupational and technological environments. Unlike many people’s image of a psychologist, I am not trained to ‘psychoanalyze. Instead, my quest is to apply psychological theory to real world problems for groups and individuals, and this is exactly what my students get to experience with their research projects for various community agencies." Lois-Ann Kuntz

Photo of Lois-Ann receiving the Donald Harward Award Lois-Ann receiving the Donald Harward Award from Maine Campus Compact from Left-to-Right: Left to right: Stuart Swain, Vice President of Academic Affairs, MCC Executive Director Liz McCabe Park, Lois-Ann Kuntz, Cindy Huggins, President

Dr. Kuntz joined the UMM faculty 10 years ago bringing an expertise on applied psychology which she has incorporated into her teaching. Students in her classes work on projects with real world relevance by applying theory to various situations in some cases with community partners. These activities prepare students for both graduate school and immediate employment as problem solving skills, critical thinking, and collaboration are vital to be successful in either realm.

Dr. Kuntz stays involved with the rich Washington County community to gain and share experience which ultimately benefits her students. The research programs Lois-Ann maintains involve teaching methods, evaluation, and undergraduate research. As part of student service learning/community engagement projects with undergraduate classes, she has initiated and supervised formative and summative evaluations research for UMM, Community Partners, and Colleagues such as a 6-year educational foundation Melmac grant; Washington County Children’s Program related to measuring program objectives as well as a needs assessment resulting in an autism grant; the Maine Office of Substance Abuse related to improving campus-wide curriculum for college students across the state; a Maine GIS Education Consortium assisting with assessment; and most recently with the Psychology & Community Studies Program Review.

Dr. Kuntz also serves on the campus Diversity Committee, is faculty advisor to the 100% Society, and has many ongoing interesting projects related to specific classes she teaches.

Courses Regularly Taught:

Photo of Lois-Ann receiving the Donald Harward AwardLois-Ann with former student Teryn Bruni and her award winning research poster. Teryn received the Marjy N. Ehmer Outstanding Undergraduate Student Poster for "A Comparative Study of Elementary School Practices for Students with AD/HD in Washington County, Maine and Algoma District, Ontario" the award was conferred at the 47th Annual Meeting of the New England Psychological Association, Danbury, CT.
  • PSY102 Personal Growth
  • PSY 110 Introduction to Psychology
  • PSY 214 Psychology of Prejudice
  • PSY 320 Learning and Memory
  • PSY 322 Physiological Psychology
  • PSY 330 Perception and Cognition
  • SSC320 Research Methods & Design


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