Living in the Residence Halls

Mission Statement

Living in a university residence hall is a new experience to many students. It can be valuable as well as enjoyable. Learning to live in a group situation requires cooperation and consideration. The mission of Residential Education is to enhance students’ academic experience through the provision of a broad spectrum of services from a holistic approach. We encourage investment and involvement in a campus community that embraces diversity, promotes academic success and fosters personal growth.

Residential Education Staff

Two Resident Directors, 4 Senior Community Advisors (SCAs) and 10 Community Advisors (CAs) staff the residence halls, under the direction of the Director of Student Life. The Resident Directors live within the residence halls and are responsible for the ongoing, daily operation of the residence halls.

Housing Options & Amenities

First-year students are assigned traditional double rooms in Sennett Hall, while upper-class students can choose from suites, singles, and doubles in Dorward Hall.

Suites – Students wanting to live in the suites must apply as a group of 4. Selection is based on a point system. Suites contain 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, and a common area.

Double Rooms – Students are assigned to a double room with a roommate.

Single Rooms – Singles in the Dorward C Wing are awarded based on a point system. Singles in the other parts of the hall are assigned on space availability and are most frequently occupied by upper-class students.

Medical Singles – Contact the Coordinator of Student Resources at (207) 255-1228 for further information.

Rooms are equipped with single beds, 36'x 80' mattresses, desks, dressers, wardrobes, mirrors, chairs, bookcases, and draperies. Each residence hall also has a laundry room with washers and dryers, lounges with color televisions, as well as recreation rooms and small kitchens. WiFi and cable television are included in your housing! Each residence hall has a security access swipe card system for safety and convenience. This allows you access to the front doors and rooms of the residence halls plus the 24-hour reading room.

Themed Housing

This year we are pleased to offer our first-year students an opportunity to live on themed housing floors, such as the Science Floor and the Outdoors/Recreation Floor. The Community Advisors on those floors organize special activities and excursions that follow the theme, creating a unique living and learning community.

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

The Residence Hall Association is the governing body for residence hall students to voice their concerns and plan activities for the halls. This group helps shape residential policies and services. Students are encouraged to become involved in our community through RHA or other organizations/clubs.

Recycling in the Residence Halls

UMM is committed to recycling and sustainability. Both residence halls provide opportunities for students to recycle their waste. For more information, click here.

Campus Activities

At UMM we have a wide variety of student activities organized by Community Advisors and/or the Student Activities’ staff, such as bonfires, talent shows, campus clean-ups, Halloween parties, themed dances, and many more. Joining in the student activity fun or exploring Greek life are great ways to enjoy all the benefits that campus life has to offer. For more information on campus activities and organizations, visit:


The mission of the Intramural Sports program at the University of Maine at Machias is to provide students, faculty, and staff the opportunity to participate in a variety of recreational sports and activities. To see the game schedules and join a team, visit:

Student Testimonials

“UMM has been an amazing learning experience and I would not change it for anything. It has guided me to pursue my dreams and goals. Some people say it might be a small school but meeting new people and making friends has given me knowledge and the ability to pursue a successful future! I was able to play basketball and make lifetime friends. Don't regret anything you do and never second guess yourself because you can do anything you set your mind to, and that is what UMM has taught me!” Katy Constant

“UMM is something you cannot explain. There are no words that can fully grasp the Machias experience. There is just a certain camaraderie that goes along with coming to school here. You are at a small school, which really makes people’s personalities stand out. And when that happens, you can really tell who is going to mean a lot to you over your college career. And the things that happen between you and those people is what fully makes the Machias experience.” Troy Theberge

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