The South West Solid Waste Commission
Leachate Treatment Facility

Satin Soule Ashton Orr, Fall 2008

The project that we are doing is for the South West Solid Waste Commission in Lawrence station, NB, Canada. The South West Solid Waste Commission is a large Waste management facility that that takes solid waste, recyclables, as well as household wastes and disposes of then in a way that is not harmful to the environment. When waste is brought into the facility it is placed in a contained area called a cell. When the waste begins to decompose in the cell a liquid called leachate is released, the leachate is toxic to the environment and must be treated before it is released into the environment. In our map we are showing the path of the leachate treatment through the sediment ponds and filter beds. The sediment ponds pump air into the leachate and filter out the harmful chemicals as it passes form pond to pond. The first pond is called pond 0 where the most concentrated leachate is pumped, it then flows into pond 1 for further treatment, then to pond 2. After pond 2 the leachate then goes through sprinklers onto the peat and sand filter beds to remove sediment and other chemical, after the sediment ponds the leachate moves to pond 3 which is the last pond that will be treated. After all of the chemicals are removed and the leachate has been filtered into environmentally safe water it is pumped to pond 4 for any last polishing and released into the environment.

Click here to download a PDF version of the map that allows zooming and clickable layers.

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