Kickball Rules


1. Substitutions: Game will start with a maximum of 8.  Players can be substituted throughout the course of the game even if they are not in the original 8 players.  If a team starts with less than 8 and wish to add players to get to 8 they must be added at the start of the next full inning.

2. Balls: The game ball will be provided for all kickball matches.

3. Shoes: Tennis shoes are the only permissible footwear. Sandals, street shoes, hiking boots, combat boots, or cleats not allowed. No player will be allowed to participate in bare feet.

4. Jewelry: Participants are not permitted to wear any visible jewelry.


1. A game will consist of seven innings.

2. Forfeit: A team must have the minimum number of players to start a game. Teams not ready to play at the scheduled starting time shall be penalized one run for every minute the game is delayed.

Teams not ready to play at ten minutes after the scheduled starting time shall forfeit. “Ready to play” includes having the scorecard filled out and IDs checked. The game clock begins at the captains meeting.

3. Extra Innings: In the event that the score remains tied after 7 complete, extra innings will be played until the tie is broken. After 2 extra innings the team at bat will begin with a runner on second base.

4. Run Rule: If a team is ahead by 15 runs after 4 complete innings (3 1/2 if the home team is ahead), or 10 runs after 5 innings (4 1/2 if the home team is ahead), then the game will be considered complete. The run rule will apply to all games including championship games.

5. Called Games: In the event of inclement weather the following will constitute a complete game:

A. Four innings have been completed (3 1/2 if the home team is leading).

6. If the game is called due to weather before  inning limit (4 innings) has elapsed, then the game will be replayed from the exact point where play was stopped. If play stops due to inclement weather, the final decision will be made by the Sport Supervisor.


1. In the act of delivering the ball to the kicker, the pitcher shall stand with at least one foot in contact with the pitching rubber until the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand. A legal delivery shall be a ball that is delivered underhand and a slow to moderate speed.


5. Foul balls on the 1st or 2nd pitch will be ruled foul. If a foul is kicked on the 3rd pitch, the batter will be out.

6. There are no walks.

7. A kicked ball must break the plane of the pitchers area to be in play. Balls that come to rest inside this area or that are fielded in this area are considered foul and if on the 3rd pitch, the kicker will be out. All balls fielded in this area are considered dead and all runners must return to their original bases.


1. Defensive positioning is restricted by the following:

a. No more than 6 players (including a "fielding pitcher" and catcher) may position themselves within the infield area prior to a pitch being kicked. In a game with 8 fielders, 2 must begin each play in the outfield area.

2.  The kicker is out in situations similar to softball (forceouts, flyouts, etc). In addition, a runner is out when he/she is hit by a thrown ball below the shoulders. Any runner hit above the shoulders is safe. In this case, the play continues but the runner who was hit above the shoulders is NOT liable to be put out until after he/she touches the next base. However, if the runner intentionally uses the head to block the ball or ducks, the runner will be called out (the ball is immediately dead and runners must return to the base they last touched).

3. In the event a fielder intentionally throws a ball towards and contacts a runner's head, the play will be immediately dead and the fielder will be ejected. The runner will be awarded home and all runners in advance of the runner hit by the ball will also score.

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