Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education (COOP) is a program through which a student gets college credit for work experience. Students get COOP jobs at summer camps, guiding services, resorts, theme parks, national and state parks, fitness centers, youth service agencies, and many, many other organizations.

Most students do their COOP experiences during the summer, but others take a semester away from UMM and travel to exotic places to do their work experience. Students can do COOP in Machias, in Maine or literally anywhere in the world. UMM students have traveled to Germany, Australia, Florida, Alaska and all places in between.

All Recreation majors must do at least two COOP experiences. The second experience must be a minimum of ten weeks and 400 hours. These work experiences along with course work and campus activities provide students with an advantage when it comes time to find employment after graduation.




Recreation Management

From day one, you will have the opportunities to plan, organize, and run campus and community activities including sports programs, ski and canoe races and trips.

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