Change of Program

It is not unusual for a student to be admitted to UMM for a particular academic program and later discover that a different program will better suit his or her needs and interests. Many students change their majors one or more times. Often it is advisable to enter as Undeclared major and explore various areas before deciding on a major.

To change majors, request a new advisor and/or declare a concentration or minor, students must complete a Change of Program form, obtain the signatures required, and return to the Academic Affairs Office.

Declaring a Concentration

Most majors require a student to complete a concentration, as well as specified program and core requirements. Students should use the Change of Program form to declare or change a concentration.

Declaring a Minor

A minor is a secondary area of specialization and competence that further prepares a student for a career and/or graduate work. A minor can only be awarded at the same time a degree is awarded, and may not be added after the degree has been awarded. Students should use the Change of Program form to declare or remove a minor from their record.

Double Majors

A student may elect to enroll in a double major within the same degree program (i.e. BA in English and Interdisciplinary Fine Arts). If a student chooses to enroll in two different degree programs simultaneously or consecutively (i.e. BA and BS), then the student must earn 30 credits beyond the number required for the degree with the lesser number of credit hours.

Course Substitution

Under unusual circumstances, a student may request that a course substitution be approved for a particular core or program requirement.

The student must initiate the request, indicating the course to be substituted for the requirement and detailing how the replacement course meets the objectives of the original requirement. Faculty who normally teach the required course will have input into the decision, as will the student's faculty advisor. If the substitution is for a major or minor requirement, faculty in the Division housing the program in question will vote to grant or deny the substitution. If the substitution is for a Core requirement, the faculty in the Division which houses the course for which the student is seeking the substitution will recommend approval or denial.  For core requirements, the additional approval of the Program Review and Evaluation Committee is also required.

To access the complete policy, procedures and forms click here: Course Substitution.

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