Thursday, September 2, 2010

UMM Students:

With Hurricane Earl expected to impact coastal Maine in the form of a tropical storm, UMM’s Emergency Response Team is prepared to take appropriate action to ensure the safety of the entire campus community.

Forecasters are expecting the storm to move into the Gulf of Maine late Friday night, September 3, and move through the region on Saturday morning, September 4. The likely outcome will be extended power outages.

As a result of these predictions, the following decisions and recommendations have been made:

  • Due to the possibility of an extended power outage, students are encouraged to go home for the weekend, preferably before the storm arrives on Friday evening. If travel plans necessitate missing Friday afternoon classes, students should contact their professors beforehand.
  • Residential students who stay on campus for the weekend may be confined to the residence halls and Kilburn Commons during the course of the storm. If Kilburn Commons should close due to high wind or damage, arrangements will be made to provide students with meals at the residence halls. The University is committed to providing full support to any students staying on campus.
  • Please check in with your Resident Assistant to let them know if you will be leaving or staying on campus for the weekend.
  • Due to the high winds expected, please be aware of flying debris, downed power lines, and falling trees. Do NOT go near the coast during the storm.
  • If you have a bike outside, please contact your Resident Director to arrange for storage inside the residence hall.
  • Please close and secure all windows during the storm.
  • The student trip to Blue Hill on Saturday has been cancelled.
  • All campus-based classes on Saturday will be rescheduled at a later date.
  • Update: The Fitness Center, Merrill Library, and the 24-Hour Room will be closed on Saturday.

Further updates will be made available via e-mail, the emergency information phone line (255-1395), and the UMM Web site (

Please take this opportunity to sign up for e2Campus, the primary tool for communicating time-sensitive emergency alerts to the campus community. Alerts are sent via a text message to your cell phone or e-mail address. To sign up, visit

If you have any questions, please call the Office of Student Life at 255-1305.

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