How are accommodations initiated?

  • In college the student is responsible for initiating the accommodations process.
  • For a smooth transition, contact the Coordinator of Special Services prior to enrollment.
  • When you arrive on campus, contact the Advising Center at 255-1470 for an in-take appointment.
  • Provide the coordinator with documentation and diagnosis from a qualified professional.
  • The coordinator will interview you and read your documentation to make a determination.
  • Once a determination is made students receive copies of their accommodation letters.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to contact his/her instructors to activate accommodations.
  • The coordinator is available for mediation, and academic support.
  • Students need to reactivate the accommodations process each semester to continue services.

What documentation is needed and who provides it?

  • It is the student’s responsibility to provide documentation for a determination of services.
  • Documentation must be certified by a qualified professional in the relevant area of disability: medical doctor, licensed psychologist, or clinical counselor.
  • Certified documentation must be written on professional stationary, and signed and dated.
  • Documentation must include diagnosis of a physical, psychiatric, or learning disability.
  • For a learning disability, documentation must include testing results and analysis.
  • For a physical disability, documentation must include a description of functional limitations.
  • For a psychiatric disability, documentation must include symptoms and specific needs.
  • Although not required, suggestions for accommodations related to the disability are helpful.
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