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GIS Service Center at UMM

The GIS Service Center at the University of Maine at Machias provides free or low-cost mapping services to communities, non-profits, and other clients. Students, workstudy students, and interns work with professional staff, gaining skills and contacts that help them enter the workforce while contributing to a healthy and prosperous future for Downeast communities.

If you have any questions or would like to propose a project, feel free to contact Tora Johnson, service center director and GIS instructor at (207) 255-1446.

The GIS Service Center at UMM can provide the following services...

  • GIS training
  • GIS data and software
  • Municipal planning maps
  • Digitizing paper maps
  • Technical support
  • Map design
  • Field mapping services
  • Professional-quaility printing
  • Decision support and strategic planning

Free services are provided by students enrolled in courses and are subject to the academic calendar and the curricular needs of students. Basic services such as large format printing, use of the lab facilities, or data CDs are available by appointment for a nominal fee. Larger projects are available on a contractual basis with a fee structure determined by service center staff and administrators. Grant funding may be available to support some service projects. Students and interns perform the work under the supervision of professional staff.

Our facilities:

  • Dedicated lab with state-of-the-art computers
  • Full suite of ESRI ArcGIS software
  • ArcGIS and OpenGeo servers and hosted data sets
  • Large-format printer up to 42"
  • Medium format printer up to 13" X 19"
  • Handheld GPS receivers
  • Professional grade Trimble GPS receivers
  • Digitizing tablet
  • Flatbed scanner

Here are just a few recent projects:

- Storm surge inundation prediction maps for coastal Washington County

- Web-based and poster maps of Maine local foods

- Inventory and assessment of scenic resources in the Downeast and Acadia Regions for development and conservation planning

- Digitized tax parcel layers for over 50 Maine municipalities and web-based parcel and planning maps for Washington County, Maine

- Climate vulnerability assessment for Washington County, Maine

- Affordable shoreland zoning maps for townships to comply with Maine state law

- Analysis and mapping to support municipal comprehensive planning

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tora Johnson, service center director and GIS instructor at

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