UMM Students Rack Up Awards at Maine GIS Championships

Four University of Maine at Machias students competed in the Maine GIS Championships undergraduate poster competition in Augusta on Thursday, March 11. The students, who spent months working on their projects and preparing for the competition, brought home multiple honors.

Alex Whitney with winning GIS poster
Alex Whitney's poster, "A GIS Model to Determine High Risk Zones Around Shooting Ranges," had the highest overall score from the judges and won first prize in the Humanities and Social Science and People's Choice category. He also took third prize in the Community Service category.





Stephanie Mathis with winning GIS poster
Stephanie Mathias' poster, "Effects of Dam Remnants along Fletcher Brook," was first in the Earth, Biological and Environmental Science category, second in both the Community Service and Innovation categories, and third in the Cartographic Design and Communication category.





Derek Lee with winning GIS poster
Derik Lee's poster, "The Downeast Coastal Scenic Assessment Project in Washington and Hancock Counties," was first in both the Cartographic Design and Communication and the Community Service categories, second in Humanities and Social Science, and third in Innovation.





Heather Woodhams with winning GIS poster
Heather Woodhams' poster, "Tidal Currents in Machias Bay," was first in the Innovation category and second in both the People's Choice and the Earth, Biological and Environmental Sciences categories.






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Maine GIS Championships

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