What Do I Need to Finish My Degree?

Students should work with their advisors to make sure they're making progress toward degree requirements. MaineStreet Degree Audit is the perfect tool for both advisors and students to keep track of which requirements have been satisfied, and which requirements remain to be completed.

Sign into MaineStreet using your maine.edu email login (i.e. john.smith) and your maine.edu email password.  Contact the UMM IT Office if you need help activating a new maine.edu account (ummhelpdesk@maine.edu). 

From the left-hand menu, select Student Self-Service, then Student Center.  In the Academics section at the top, select the link for Degree Progress Report (under Academic History).  Select the University of Maine at Machias as the Academic Institution and select Degree Progress Report as the Report Type.  Hit the green Go button to get a Degree Audit for your current academic program.

Core Requirements will be displayed in section A, major requirements in section B and concentration requirements (if concentration has been declared) in section C.  All courses which meet core requirements will be displayed in section A; most will flow through to meet program requirements if applicable.  Requirements which have not yet been satisfied will be flagged in red. 

Thinking about a Different Major?

If you'd like to see what might be required to complete a different major, follow the above steps, but select the Quick What-If button INSTEAD of the Go button to the right.  Select the appropriate Career, Program, Academic Plan and/or Subplan in the left-hand column AND select the appropriate term for the Requirement Term (Catalog Edition).  Though the system will allow you to select any term, you may only pick a term which is greater than or equal to your first semester as a degree student at UMM (see below).  Then hit the Green OK button.  The resulting Degree Audit will apply your credits to the Academic Plan and/or Subplan you selected.   This feature works best if you start fresh by selecting Student Center from the left-hand menu if you have already run a standard Degree Audit.  

Does Your Degree Audit Need "Tweaking?"

If your audit doesn't pull in a course you had expected to complete a requirement, don't panic. Your audit may just need to be "tweaked." Notify the Registrar's Office (ummreg@maine.edu), and they'll let you know whether you need to request a Course Substitution or if your Degree Audit just needs to be tweaked.  Remember that MaineStreet Degree Audits are new and may still require some adjustments.  Please DO tell us if you notice any problems. 

Which Catalog applies to my Requirements?

In general, students are held to the requirements in the catalog in effect when they entered.

Freshmen and new transfer students must satisfy the graduation requirements outlined in the catalog which was in effect the first semester of their attendance as a matriculated student.

Students who take a break in enrollment from the institution, without applying for a formal leave of absence, must apply for readmission to the institution. Those who wish to complete degree requirements under the catalog in effect during their first semester as a matriculated student, should request readmission under the terms of that catalog on their readmission application. The institution may approve or deny this request based on the number and type of courses which the student has left to complete. If this request is denied, students will be expected to complete degree requirements in effect at the time of readmission to the institution.

Any student has the right to select graduation requirements from a later catalog than the one in effect at the time of initial matriculation. No student may select requirements from an earlier catalog.

If significant changes to the core and/or program requirements take place while a student is in attendance, a student may choose to complete old core and new program requirements, instead of completing all requirements from the catalog in place at initial matriculation. However, students may not select program and concentration requirements which come from different catalogs.

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