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Gene Nichols - Fine Arts

Gene Nichols, Professor of Music at UMM, is a former bandleader for the Clyde Beatty-Cole Bros. Circus; he advises the UMM Ukulele Club.

Interdisciplinary Fine Arts

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Are you a creative spirit?  Welcome home!  We will help you become the artist you want to be.

Interdisciplinary Fine Arts at UMM is a unique program that allows students to work on all the fine arts, both separately in individual classes and in combined seminars and projects. Students specialize and generalize at the same time. They work with other students and faculty, collaborating on works of art from theater performances to multimedia installations.

Concentrations in the areas of Visual Art, Creative Writing, and Music, as well as a self-designed concentration (for those interested in more than one form of expression), are available for all students. Experience in the fine arts complements any field of study. See the full list of UMM minors for the details.

The program’s strands include:

  • Music: Theory, History, Vocal, Instrumental, Composition and Songwriting, Improvisation and Listening, Folk/Rock/Jazz/Classical/Plus
  • Theater: Acting
  • Creative Writing: Poetry and Fiction
  • Visual Arts: Painting, Drawing, Photography, Printmaking, Ceramics, Sculpture, Graphic Design
  • Book Arts: Papermaking, Book Design and Construction

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Music Student Students

Artists don’t just paint paintings, play in orchestras and rock bands, act in movies or write novels, they also work in business, communications, education, and journalism. Artists’ creativity, flexibility, and skill position them to succeed in a wide variety of fields --many of which are in the fastest growing sectors of the economy. The program also successfully prepares students for graduate school. An IFA degree could lead to careers in:

  • Advertising
  • Communications
  • Photography
  • Publishing
  • Set Design
  • Studio Recording
  • Teaching

Why study Interdisciplinary Fine Arts at UMM?

  • The program's interdisciplinary approach provides hands-on experience in all facets of the fine arts, providing flexibility and experience that pay off both creatively and in the job market.
  • You will work closely with teachers who are active artists, writers, actors, and musicians, dedicated to their students and their art.
  • You will interact with guest artists who will share their practical experiences and their artistic vision.
  • A senior project allows you to do your thing in the medium/media of your choice.
  • The program seeks to prepare students for life, liberty and the pursuit of creative happiness.
  • Downeast Maine has been inspiring artists for generations.  Join us.


  • Arthur Hill, Adjunct Associate Professor of Theatre
  • Marcus LiBrizzi,  Professor of English
  • Gerard NeCastro, Professor of English
  • Gene Nichols,  Professor of Music
  • Bernie Vinzani, Associate Professor of Art
  • Jude Valentine, Adjunct Instructor of Art
  • Bill Schaefer, Adjunct Instructor of Art
  • Chris Sunde, Adjunct Instructor of Art
  • Leslie Bowman, Adjunct Instructor of Art



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