Fall Registration

Howdy folks!

We wanted to give you an update on the schedule of registration for the fall semester. 

NOW - The fall schedule is out and is available in MaineSt, hard copies can be found in the Advising Center as well.  This is the time to start thinking about what classes you might like to take in the fall. 
April 2nd - 6th - This week you should be meeting up with either your Faculty Mentor or your Student Success Advisor to set up your MaineSt "Wish List" and to receive your PIN.

Students are allowed to start registering at different times, depending on their academic level (Senior, Junior, etc).  If you are not sure what your level is, you can view the date you can start registering in your Student Center in MaineStreet.

Seniors can start registering:  April 9th
Juniors can start registering:  April 11th
Sophomores can start registering:  April 12th
First-Years can start registering:  April 13th

The Advising Center staff will be having a "Late Night Advising" session in Dorward at 12am in the 13th to help everyone to get registered ASAP!

The early registration period is open through April 27th but you should make sure to register as early as possible so you don't miss out on classes you want to take!  If you miss the April 27th deadline, make sure you contact your Advisor right away to get into classes!

~ The Advising Center Staff

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