Environmental Recreation and Tourism Management Faculty

Our program’s three full-time faculty members are:

Bill Eckhart

Dr. Andrea Ednie

  • Master’s and Ph.D. in Environmental Recreation and Sustainable Tourism Management
  • Specializes in recreation & natural resources, outdoor recreation, and nature tourism
  • Works with non-profit organizations, state and federal agencies in managing for recreational use of backcountry areas
Bill Eckhart

Rick Scribner

  • Master's Degree in Health, Physical Education and Recreation
  • Master Maine Guide, Sea Kayaking Guide, Boating and Hunter Safety Instructor
  • Specializes in Outdoor Recreation courses, Search and Rescue, Wilderness and Park Management
Karen in Patagonia

Karen Beeftink

  • Ph.D. in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management
  • Specializes in nature-based tourism, ecotourism, outdoor recreation, and leisure programming
  • Works with non-profit organizations in providing recreational opportunities for youth in the community



Several additional instructors are involved with and teach courses that are important for our major:

Penny Curtis

Penny teaches wellness courses such as recreation & wellness, yoga, coaching, strength & conditioning and athletic administration for our major and the whole campus.


Kevin Alley

Kevin is UMM’s Aquatics Director, and he teaches lifeguard training and water safety instructor for ERTM students. Many of our students work part time as lifeguards at the UMM pool.



Jo-Ellen Scribner

Jo-Ellen works in the Business Office. She teaches safety & first aid as well as our recreation services for special populations course.














All of these faculty members are primary players in the Recreation and Tourism Management program. Of course, other UMM faculty make great contributions to the program in areas such as psychology, government, sciences and more. All students are engaged with a diverse faculty from many disciplines.

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