Eugene C. Nichols
Eugene C. Nichols
Associate Professor of Music
B.M., State University of New York at Potsdam
M.M and M.M., Northern Illinois University

Eugene C. Nichols

      Hi.  I like to explore all aspects of music, whether it's creating, playing, or listening; singing, instruments, or any sort of sound; 'eye' (written tradition) music, 'ear' (oral tradition) music or between-the-cracks performance; known styles or exploring beyond pigeonholes; fixed (composition) or realtime (improvisation) creation; researching past music or setting down ideas for the future.

       I started out playing low brass, but am interested in all families of instruments.  Other sounds I like to make include saw, Theremin, recorders, drums/percussion, cuatro, ukulele, bulbhorns, steel pan, bass saxophone, hubcaphone (we've built 2 9-foot towers containing 42 tuned hubcaps), nose flute, crumhorn, turntables (I'm working on performance pieces for about a dozen recordplayers), guitar and bass guitar, synthesizer, ululator, etc.  Soon we'll have sound and video examples of stuff we're up to.

      My circus days gave me the opportunity to amass materials for the self-sufficient collection of music, recordings, books and instruments that swarm through the Music Room, a hotspot on the UMM campus tour.  Come see!

      The UMM Ukulele Club is a real hoot, and I'm so happy we've tapped into UMM's history during these days of centennial celebrations (the Club was first organized in 1926, and then lay dormant for 80 years).  Like so much of UMM's music offerings, we have musicians of all ages enjoying the fun together.

      Come share the cool sound and artistic fun!

Gene Nichols

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