Employee Harvest Walk 2011

UMM Wellness Committee

UMM Employee Wellness Mission Statement

The goal of the UMM Wellness team is to support and advance the educational mission and vision of the University of Maine at Machias by raising awareness about personal and community wellness. We will strive to empower members of our campus to set and achieve goals for wellness individually and collectively. In order to achieve our mission, we will identify health challenges on campus, work to remove barriers to good health, and provide programming that will have a positive impact on community wellness while supporting healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices.

Membership 2013-14

Angela Fochesato
Leigh Ann Garstecki                  
Ashley Jackson         
Loni Levesque
Kim Page
Gerard NeCastro
Beth Russet   
Jeanne Vose
Pam Wood

Wellness Minutes 2013-14

UMM Employees may sign up for a free Fitness Center Membership: Contact Leigh Ann Garstecki at Ext. 1404 or leigh.garstecki@maine.edu.

Summer meetings June 12, July 10 & August 14 at 10:00 a.m. in the Murdock Conference Room