The Binnacle

Eleventh Annual Ultra-Short Competition (2014)

Prize Winners*
Alysson B. Parker – Hazard Lights
~First-Place Prize - Poetry

Kathleen Clauson – Watercolors
~First-Place Prize - Prose

Lynn Bey – The Anxiety of Influence
~First-Place Prize - Prose

Diane Smith – Twilight at Gettysburg
~First-Place Prize - Poetry

Cheyenne Robinson – As Told by Latex
~First-Place Prize – UMM Student

*Please note that the first-place prizes for Prose and Poetry were judged to be equal in merit.  The placement of one work before another was decided arbitrarily.

Honorable Mentions
Katherine Adlam – The Tea Party
DeVonna R. Allison – The Encounter
Bill Bibo Jr – Sharing the South Pole with Sir Edmund Hillary
Evan Guilford-Blake – Atwater’s Petunias
Gabriella Brand – Empty Forks
Sarah Carleton – Car Trouble
Lisa Ricard Claro – Stubborn Ain’t Good
Charlie Coleman – Jezebel
Ros Collins – Escaping
SuzAnne C. Cole – Animal Dreams
Jeffrey Cooper – Stargazer
Dianne Dancy – Vagabond
William Davoll – Revenge is better served…
K. S. Dearsley – Reflections
Christina Wos Donnelly – Postcard
Jann Everard – I Run
Sophie Fern – Flavor
Andy Fogle – My Father Calls During My Daughter’s Bath
Jennifer Freed – Distance
Joyce Frohn – Pink And Fluffy?
Shazla Ghaffoor – A Special Performance
William Locke Hauser – Those Beautiful Legs
Debbie Okun Hill – Paper Clipped
Elizabeth Hopkinson – Prelude and Fugue
HC Hsu – Recipe
Jules Jacob – From Point A to Possibility
Jennifer Ruth Jackson – Beginning
Linda Kennedy – The Vampire Mermaids of Moreton-on-the-Marsh
Rebecca Kleinberg – Blind Date
James A. Knoop – What You See Is What You...
Meg Eden Kuyatt – The Lighthouse
Alexis Hope Lerner – The Backstory
Clyde Liffey – At 79
Clare Marsh – The Iron Lady
Day Merrill – Awakening
Caroline Michalicki – The Heat’s On
Ellen Birkett Morris – Perfect Cakes
Rebecca Muchow – Win, Lose, or Draw
Michael M. Pacheco – Sonoran Cuisine
Jonathan Pinnock – 99942 Apophis
Edward Schultz – DNR
Shannon Schuren – Newspaper Life
Miranda Stone – Dangers in the Home
JC Sullivan – Waves of Confusion
Anne Thompson – Threads
Jari Thymian – Learning to Fish
Caroline Todd – Something Unsightly
Paul Weidknecht – Dining in France
Gary Winters – pep talk
Irene Gu – Halloween Story

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