Scholarship Information

Maine Department of Education:
Aspirations Program

For Maine high school juniors and seniors attending public high schools and taking on-campus, face-to-face classes.

The Aspirations program covers 50% of the tuition for one course per semester for students meeting certain academic qualifications, up to 6 credits per academic year. UMM waives the other 50% of tuition for any Aspirations-supported course and also waives most fees, except for the Universal Fee and any course-specific fees. The Aspirations program covers live, on-campus classes, as well as ITV courses offered at University Centers. It ordinarily does not cover Web classes, although geographic hardship waivers may be available—on a case-by-case basis— for students who live in the more remote parts of the state and do not have ready access to any campus site.

UMM Early College Scholarships

For high school or home-schooled students in Maine.

On-campus Scholarship: UMM will provide a 50% tuition scholarship to any high school junior or senior for any live, on-campus courses that are not covered under the Aspirations program, up to a total of two courses per semester per student supported by the combined programs. Students must meet all course prerequisites and other eligibility requirements. The student’s family or other funding source is responsible for the remaining tuition, fees, and book costs. Students in their first or second years of high school may qualify for admission to the program in special circumstances. UMM’s 50% tuition scholarship will apply to courses taken by Early College students during both regular and summer sessions.

Distance Education Scholarship: high school juniors and seniors taking Web courses and CV courses are eligible for a 25% tuition scholarship; as with on-campus courses, UMM will waive most fees. Similarly, this scholarship will apply to courses taken by Early College students during both regular and summer sessions.

Any Early College student wishing to take three or more classes per semester will pay regular tuition rates for all courses beyond the two covered by Aspirations and/or The UMM Early College Scholarship Program. However, for any class taken through the Early College Program, UMM will continue to waive all fees except the Universal Fee and course-specific fees.

How do I get more  information?

You can contact the Early College Coordinator by phone, fax, or email:

Carol Wolf, Ph.D.
Study Center/Early College/Service Learning
225A Torrey Hall
University of Maine at Machias
Machias, ME 04654-1397

Phone: (207) 255-1264
Fax: (207) 255-1340

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