Frequently Asked Early College Questions

How do I register?
As an Early College Student you need to fill out either a First-time Student Application or the Returning Student Application, whichever is appropriate, and pass it in to your guidance counselor or Carol Wolf each semester. Once you have been accepted into the program and your application is on file, the Early College office will handle your semester registration for you.

Will I get a student ID?
Yes, if you are taking a live class on the UMM campus. The Early College Coordinator will help you get your UMM photo ID at the First Stop in Powers Hall. When you go to get your ID, you will need one form of identification with your picture on it. After you receive your new Clipper Card, it must be activated at the Library for you to be able to use UMM library resources.
You may also put money on the Clipper Card at the First Stop to cover the cost of any photocopying you may need to do or snacks you may wish to purchase at the Galley.

Do I need to activate my UMM e-mail if I already have another e-mail account?
Yes! Your professors and the University will use your UMM e-mail if they need to contact you, and you are responsible for knowing anything sent out over it. You also must have a UMM email account to access Blackboard, the Web course portal that even many live, on-campus courses use. When you open your campus account, you can arrange to have all messages forwarded to your pre-existing e-mail account, if you wish.

Where is my classroom?
You can find the room in which your class meets by going to the UMM Web site: and clicking on the Tools link that you will find at the top of the home page. Then on the drop down menu click on MaineStreet. When you get to MaineStreet, click on “Class Search” on the left, select the Machias campus and the current term from the drop-down menus, and click “Class Search.” When the “Class Search” screen comes up, enter the course subject and number (for example, ENG and 101) and click on the Search button,. All of the sections of ENG 101 will come up in a list with meeting times and places given. Locate your section of the class, and you then should have all the information you need to find your classroom.

Where do I get my books?
The UMM Murdock Bookstore is located in the Fitness Center. If you’re not sure where that is, check out the campus map. Once you enter the bookstore, simply tell the person at the check-out counter that you are an Early College Student and what class you are taking; bookstore personnel will help you find your books. If your school is paying for your books, there will be a voucher waiting for you at the front desk.

What do I do if I have questions about a bill a bill I receive for books, fees, or tuition?
If you have questions about any bill you many receive from UMM, contact Carol Wolf.

Do I need a parking sticker?
If you are enrolled in fall or spring semester courses, you will need to get a parking sticker. The UMM Parking Permit is good “forever” and it is free. If you don’t have one, you can be fined for illegal parking. To get a parking permit go to the First Stop located in Powers Hall where you can fill out the appropriate paperwork.

Is attendance at classes mandatory?
Yes, attendance is mandatory for Early College students, even if it is not required for others. Your instructor will be checking to see if you are present and reporting any absences to the Early College Coordinator.

What if I need help in my class?
If you think you might need help in your class, you should definitely go and talk to your professor; tell him or her that there is something you don’t understand or that you think you are getting behind.

You should also contact Carol Wolf, who can introduce you to the UMM Study Center in Torrey 225. At this Center you can receive free help with your classes in individual and group sessions, participate in study groups, and get help with your writing from brainstorming to editing. The UMM Study Center hours are Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

What if I have special needs?
The University of Maine at Machias is committed to all students’ receiving the appropriate supports and resources they need to meet their potential. Qualified people with documented disabilities are entitled to reasonable accommodations that help create fairness in a person’s academic and student life. Classroom accommodation is meant to enable students with a disability to access course information and to be tested in an appropriate manner.
If a student in the UMM Early College Program is currently receiving special education supports or has been professionally diagnosed with a learning disability or physical or mental impairment, please bring this to the attention of the UMM Early College Coordinator, Carol Wolf, at 255-1264 or She will refer you to the Special Services Coordinator, Pamela Feeney, who will schedule an appointment for you to meet with her. You may also contact the Special Services Coordinator directly either by phone at 255-1228 or by email: Accommodations cannot be provided retroactively, so please contact the Coordinator prior to or at the very beginning of the course. In college courses, students always control when and if they choose to use accommodations for which they are eligible.

How do I get my grades?
UMM's Early College Coordinator will forward your grades to your high school guidance counselor or mail them to your home if you are a home-schooled student.

What do I do if there is bad weather?
During inclement weather any general cancellation of UMM classes will be broadcast over area radio and television stations. You can also call Information at 255-1395 after 6:30 a.m. to see if your UMM courses have been canceled.

Is my Early College class canceled if my high school is closed?
Not necessarily, but you will not be expected to attend.

What if I have to go on a high school trip?
You should notify the instructor of your course, your guidance counselor, and Carol Wolf as soon as you know you will have to miss a class. You will be responsible for all make-up work.

Can I use the Fitness Center?
As an Early College student, you are eligible to purchase a Fitness Center membership at the student rate for as long as you are enrolled at UMM. This membership gives you access to all Fitness Center facilities and many fitness classes.

I have a question that wasn't answered here.
The best person to ask first is Carol Wolf, the Early College Coordinator. You can reach her at her office located in Torrey Hall, Room 225A; by phone at (207) 255-1264; or by e-mail at

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