Orientation for Distance Learning Students

Welcome to Distance Learning with the University of Maine at Machias!

Here is a checklist for our registered students, to be sure you are off to a great start:

  • Make sure that you have activated your University of Maine at Machias email account and check it every day.  This log-in (minus the @maine.edu) will also work to log you in to the UMM Portal, MaineStreet, and Blackboard.  If you have not received the letter explaining how to activate your account, or have problems with the activation process, please contact:

                             Information Technology Helpdesk Phone: (207) 255-1237

  • Log on to MaineStreet to check that you are enrolled in the right courses and that we have your personal contact information listed correctly.  MaineStreet contains all of your University of Maine System program and coursework information.  You can register for classes, add them to your wish list, check your schedule and grades, your financial aid and bill, and your degree progress, all through MaineStreet.
  • If you haven’t already done so, please go to the Bookstore page (you can find it in the drop down menu on the upper right-hand side of UMM homepage) and order your books. We have rentals with free shipping available this year!
  • If you are taking online courses, log in to Blackboard, which is where you will "go to class," to read your course announcements. Make sure you read your syllabi and the assignment information closely enough so that you know what is expected of you for at least this first week.  A good plan is to post all of your class assignments into whatever type of personal calendar you use everyday, whether paper or digital, so that you never forget when they are due.  You may also want to block out specific times in your schedule when you will complete your school work.  A good rule of thumb is to allow at least three or four times the number of course credit hours you are taking per week to complete your assignments. Therefore, if you are taking 3 three-credit courses (a total of 9 credit hours), you would want to block out at least 27 hours a week for your coursework.  You will need to pay attention to details and manage your time carefully in order to be successful in online learning.  It is not true that online courses are "easier" than on-campus courses.  They can be more convenient, but you will need to be a self-directed learner to do well in online learning.
  • If your course is not available yet, don’t panic. Some courses don’t get loaded until just before classes start.  If you are enrolled in a course that is not available to you on your Blackboard page by the first day of classes, please contact our technology goddess, Linda Schofield, at: lschof@maine.edu. or 255-1241.
  • If you do not receive a student library card within the first few weeks of classes, please contact Marianne Thibodeau, our librarian, so that you get your UMM bar code to access our databases and electronic reserves.  You don’t want to wait until a research paper is due to do this!
  • Make sure you have done what you need to do for either financial aid or payment arrangements.  You can check for this in MaineStreet on your Student Center page.
  • Have fun with your course(s)!  If you have any program or course issues with which you would like some personalized help, just email lschof@maine.edu or call me at 255-1241 Monday-Friday.
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