Developing Job Leads

Today's successful job candidate must use a diversified approach to job searching . . .

  • The INTERNET provides a wealth of job search information.  In fact, with so much to choose from, you should develop a strategy before you begin.  Our job search links are a great place to start, but if you can't find what you are looking for, trying a general search engine such as Yahoo, Google, or Altavista
  • Among career professionals, NETWORKING is often deemed the most effective and most widely prescribed method of job searching.  Networking means making connections with people who can help you with your job search.  Your network should include family members, friends, professors, advisors, alumni, current and past employers...anyone you come in contact with who can help you with your job search.  Don't be reluctant to let others know you are looking for a job (create business/networking cards!), most people are happy to help. You should get LinkedIn and/or Twitter your way to a job!
  • JOB PLACEMENT CENTERS offer a variety of employment services, which include job search workshops, referrals to jobs and computerized listings of local, state and national job openings through America's Job Bank
  • AMERICA'S ONE-STOP CAREER CENTER SYSTEM is another national employment service initiative.  Again, resources are at the local, state, and federal level.  Visit Career One Stop for a state list.  Don't forget to visit our local MACHIAS CAREER CENTER, which serves UMM students.
  • JOB FAIRS bring the job seeker face-to-face with many employers in one location--they provide a great opportunity to learn about careers and make initial contacts.  Numerous job fairs are offered throughout the state each year.  Visit MCCC for a complete list of consortium fairs.
  • PRIVATE TEMPORARY EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES are popular because they work on behalf of clients to find jobs.  These agencies offer assistance with job search skills, and job assignments may lead to full-time permanent work.  Working for a temp agency can help you gain valuable work experience too. Kelly Services provides staffing services and employment opportunities in all states across the U.S., and Manpower, Inc. is a world leader in the employment services industry.
  • Local and regional employers don't always post on major job sites.  Instead, they tend to advertise in their local newspapers through CLASSIFIED ADS.  Most online newspapers offer a help wanted section.  Check out the BANGOR DAILY NEWS or the ELLSWORTH AMERICAN.  You can search directories of online newspapers, both national and international, at NEWSPAPERS.COM or ONLINE NEWSPAPERS.
  • PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS are an excellent resource for career exploration, networking and keeping abreast of industry trends.  Visit JOB WEB  for a list of professional associations broken down by major.  Don't forget to ask faculty for their recommendations too--they know which associations are best for their respective fields.
  • Don't overlook jobs advrtised in industry TRADE MAGAZINES, which provide another great source for industry news, trends, and tips.  FREE TRADE MAGAZINE SOURCE.COM offers free subscriptions.
  • Most COMPANY WEB SITES tell you everything you need to know about them, including job opportunities.  There are many such as HOOVERS that will point you to employers' web sites.
  • CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE can provide you with information on specific geographic locations.  You can request an employer listing or relocation packet.
  • YELLOW PAGES ONLINE also offers useful information.  You can identify employers and organizations for possible places of employment.
  • OTHER COLLEGE WEB SITES are excellent for learning about job fairs and viewing information on employers.  Some schools allow access to their jobs database (most require passwords), and offer a wealth of job searching tools and resources.
  • COOPERATIVE EDUCATION, INTERNSHIP, VOLUNTER WORK....all previous work can provide a link to future employment.  Again, use your connections.


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