Cooperative Education

Cooperative Education (COOP) is a program through which students get college credit for work experience.

Students get COOP jobs at summer camps, guiding services, state and national parks, resorts, theme parks, fitness centers, and many, many other organizations.

Here are a few examples...

Chris Tomlinson at Education Playcare in Avon Conn.

Chris Tomlinson worked for Educational Playcare, LTD., a day camp in Avon Connecticut.

This job gave him the opportunity to combine his interests in the study of the environment with working in the outdoors with children. Chris created day-to-day programming for the children and led groups on a variety of field trips.

Charity Peavey - Volunteer Firefighter

Charity Peavey worked
as a volunteer firefighter
for the Patten, Maine
Fire Department.

Here she received training in fire response and rescue and was able to help her community through several near-misses. This work helped Charity contribute as part of her community and trained her to work in fire response in other locations.

Jake Kenyon - Adventure Director

Jake Kenyon worked
as the Adventure Director for
Camp Sloane YMCA
in Lakeville, Connecticut.

He spent a summer running ropes course and other adventure programs for campers. He also supervised camp staff and ran an adventure outfitting building. This beautiful camp was a great way for Jake to spend a summer gaining professional experience!

Most students do their COOP experiences during the summer, but others take a semester away from UMM and travel to exotic places for work. Students can do COOP in Machias, in Maine or literally anywhere in the world. UMM students have traveled to Germany, Australia, Florida, Alaska and all places in between.

All Environmental Recreation majors must complete at least 6 credits of COOP experience. Students most often split these into two credits, where one must be at least 10 weeks and 400 hours. These experiences along with coursework and campus activities provide students with an advantage when it comes time to find employment after graduation.

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