Conference Workshops

Healthy Brain/Healthy Body with Bill Fitzpatrick, LCSW, Alzheimer’s Association – Maine Chapter. When people think about staying fit, they generally think from the neck down. But the health of your brain plays a critical role in almost everything you do: thinking, feeling, remembering, working, playing — and even sleeping. These steps might also reduce your risk of Alzheimer's disease or other dementias. This session will explore aspects of brain health and strategies to keep your brain and body healthy.

What You Need to Know About Finances with Anne Gibson, Certified Financial Planner. Anne will discuss what a caregiver needs to know about their loved one’s finances in order to help them manage financial affairs wisely during their time of need for assistance.

Elder Law with Roberta Kuriloff. Roberta will be speaking about how to plan for yourself and family including reviewing important estate planning documents you need for meaningful planning:  Financial and Medical Powers of Attorney, Wills and living trusts.  She will also address why your assets need to be integrated into your planning, and how to protect your assets if you or a family member needs Medicaid (MaineCare). 

Dementia and Challenging Behaviors with Lisa King, LSW with Maine Veteran’s Home and EAAA. This presentation will help  caregivers better understand the implications of the cognitive deficits in individuals with dementia.  Caregivers will gain a better scope of how to manage challenging behaviors.  Caregivers will leave with materials and a clearer understanding of how to get through the day to day challenges of caring for an individual with dementia. 

Grieving on the Installment Plan with Anne Ossanna, LSW and Kara Janes, MSW. This workshop is for caregivers of a person with a progressively degenerative disease such as Dementia, Parkinson’s Disease, Congestive Heart Failure or crippling Arthritis. The emotional consequences of the related incremental losses can be experienced as “grieving on the installment plan”.  As the grieving process stretches over the course of many months or many years, each new rung on the downward ladder of debilitation is reached and the loss of vitality and autonomy are experienced, a fresh sense of defeat and anticipated bereavement can emerge.

Hands on Care with Sandra Seamans RN, Nursing Supervisor/Case Manager at Harrington Family Health Center. In this workshop Sandy will demonstrate safety around transfers, using wheelchairs, regular and 3-prong canes, walkers, gait belts and commodes; proper life techniques; making occupied and unoccupied beds using linens and chucks; basic hygiene; and prevention and care of bedsores.

One Caregiver to Another – Strategies for Reducing Stress with Lisa Suarez. This workshop is an introduction to mindfulness, meditation, and re-framing for caregivers. Participants will leave with tools for coping with and reducing stress.

Mini-Savvy Caregiver with Dottie VanHorn of Eastern Area Agency on Aging. Savvy Caregiver is a 12 hour training in six sessions that is geared for people caregiving for loved ones with dementia. Caregivers will learn how to manage a disease that does not improve, how the course and progression of the disease impacts the person with the disease, and how to tailor the caregiving strategies to the disease’s stages. Skills will be gained including how to keep the person contented all day and involved in daily tasks and activities. 



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