Clipper Card

Clipper Card

The Clipper Card serves as the official University of Maine at Machias identification card and also provides an array of services, access to privileges, and purchasing functions.

The Clipper Card provides for safe and convenient on-campus purchases. Deposited funds, known as "Clipper Bucks", are prepaid and linked to your Clipper Card. Your account balance declines as funds are spent.

The Clipper Card system will continue to be developed with the goal of improving access and services for the safety and convenience of the University community.

Do you already have a card? Add Clipper Bucks now.

Use Your Clipper Bucks at Local Merchants

You can now use your Clipper Card to purchase items at Machias-area businesses! Below is a list of merchants that accept Clipper Bucks for payment. This list will be updated as new vendors sign on to this service.

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