Clam & Lobster Study Sites
Besty Barber, Fall 2008

The Down East Institute (DEI) is a shellfish hatchery run in part by Dr. Brian Beal who also is a professor at UMM.  Its main purpose is to culture shellfish for research and to use in supplementing wild populations by seeding mudflats with juveniles of commercially important species.  DEI is funded by many different sources, and gathering money to keep the facility functioning is often problematic.  To approach this hurdle, many outreach programs have been developed throughout the years.  These include programs working with elementary schools and research studies performed in collaboration with local fishermen.  In order to raise awareness of the different services offered by DEI, I have created three maps. Two highlight the areas in Maine where softshell clam and lobster studies have been performed. The third indicates where softshell clam seed cultured at DEI has been planted.  Maps such as these can be hung in the facility to demonstrate the involvement of the hatchery in communities of Maine.  Also, I created a simple webpage to display these maps and allow access to more in-depth information about softshell clam study sites.  The site I made can be linked to the DEI home page and used for further outreach.  

Click the maps to download a PDF version of the map that allows zooming and clickable layers.


Clam 2

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