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The University of Maine at Machias offers more than 25 student clubs and organizations. Whether it's the Student Senate or the Ukulele Club that catches your interest, you'll find a variety of social, cultural, athletic, and educational groups to choose from.  This page also includes important resources for club members to review and access as needed throughout the year!

Club & Organization Community Service Log

Student Organizations

100% Society

100% Society advocates for awareness and acceptance of gay, lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered, and other groups’ concerns and issues.  The 100% Society is similar to Gay Straight Alliances (GSA’s) found across the country, where everyone is accepted regardless of sexual orientation.  All club meetings are kept confidential.

Advisor: Lois-Ann Kuntz,

President: Alex Roberts,

ARABY/The Dead Poets Society

Araby offers a friendly environment to present writing and ideas, enjoy literature, and promote the arts at UMM.


The Binnacle is UMM’s Literary & Arts Journal.  For over fifty years the club has published the works of literature and art of UMM’s students as well as writers and artists from around the world.

Advisor for both ARABY & Binnacle: Gerard NeCastro,

President for both ARABY & Binnacle: Colton Abrams,

Campus Crusade for Christ (CRU)

The Campus Crusade for Christ is a national organization that consists of like-minded students following and spreading the word of Jesus Christ.


Advisor: Gene Nichols,

                Bernie Vinzani,

Fencing Club

The Fencing Club is a student organization that allows students new to fencing the opportunity to learn about the sport and provides experienced fencers with the chance to mentor and practice with others.  The club focuses on the use of the foil, but also has some interest in the sabre and epee.  Equipment is available for student use.  

Advisor: Daniel Qualls,

President: Cole Lossmann,

The Guild 

Advisor: Michael Matis,

President: Luke Wade,

Hockey Club

A non-collegiate athlete group that brings together hockey enthusiasts to play on the campus ice during the winter months.

Advisor: Andrea Ednie,


Maine Recreation and Parks Association Student Section

Advisor: Karen Beeftink,

President: Emma LeGallais,

Outing Club

Providing experience and training in outdoor activities of general interest to all students 

Advisor: Andrea Ednie,

Science Club

A co-curricular group of students with interest in Science activities and trips to enhance the in classroom experience.

Advisor: Sherrie Sprangers,

President: Jake Snyder,

Sportsmen Club

Advisor: Eric Jones,

President: Cole Lossmann,

Student Center

Known as Campus Activities, the Student Center puts on weekly events for the student body.

Advisor: Nichole Cote,

President/Manager: Landon Knittweis,

Student Education Association of Maine (S.E.A.M.)

Enhancing student's awareness of past and future projects and goals of the teaching profession. 

Advisor: Judy Hanscom,

President: Adam Emory,

Student Senate

The UMM Student Senate is the elected representative of the student body. Senators engage with campus staff, faculty and administration to ensure that when an idea or issue comes forward that they are properly dealt with, as to benefit everyone.

Meetings: 11:30am, Wednesday in Portside. All welcome!

Advisor: Nichole Cote,

President/Manager: Landon Knittweis,

Thespis Players

Student drama troupe. Productions every semester!


The focus of WUMM is to serve the musical interests of UMM students through a broadcasting radio station. Students are able and encouraged to DJ their own show, in which they can spotlight their own musical tastes, or even host a radio talk show. WUMM also encourages everyone from faculty and staff, to citizens of Washington County, to become active in the station. WUMM also promotes campus and community organizations and events. When live shows are on the air, you'll hear everything from folk to electronica, to classic rock to jazz, and everything in between.

Advisor: Nichole Cote,

President/Manager: Brian Corliss,

Ukulele Club

Have fun playing all kinds of music on the ukulele. 

Advisor: Gene Nichols,

Greek Life

Epsilon Sigma Alpha

Dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, resulting in self-fulfillment and meaningful service to others

Advisor:  Matthew Holsapple/

Student Contact:  Danielle Daly, President

Greek Council

A group consisting of members of every recognized Greek Organization on campus to discuss and facilitate positve intergreek relations on and off campus.

Meeting:  Every Wednesday at 11:00AM

Advisor: Nichole Cote,

Kappa Alpha Kappa

A service sorority, aiming to better ourselves, the community, and its members as well as help those in need.  Striving for academic success and instilling/teaching leadership and life skills that can be translated into a professional setting.

Advisor: Karen Beeftink,

Student Contact:  Heather Leonard, President


Kappa Delta Phi - Eta Chapter

Bringing together males of good character who are studying in institutions of higher education and who manifest a keen interest in higher education.

Advisor:  Robert Lee Hanscom/ 255-1357

Student Contact:  Patrick Hooper, President

Kappa Eta

Encouraging the higher educational ideals and practices in our institutions.

Advisor:  Jamie Moreira / 255-1414

Kappa Mu Alpha

Advisor:  PJ Singh / 255-1365

Student Contact:  Kiefer Robinson, President

Omicron Delta Pi

A co-ed, all-inclusive, human rights and advocacy collegiate fraternity.

Advisor:  Meghan Duff / 255-1227

Student Contact:  Alex Roberts, President

Psi Delta

Advisor:  Rick Scribner / 255-1204

Student Contact:  Tyler Ham, President

Phi Tau Phi 

Advisor:  Barbie Holmes / 255-1312

Student Contact:  Jamie Bracy, President

Sigma Chi Lambda

Cultivating and maintaining the high ideals of friendship, justice, and learning through leadership and athletics.

Advisor:  Kevin Alley/255-1296

Student Contact:  Barry King, President

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