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I'm a Sister of Phi Tau Phi!

By on 11/13/12. Comments (0)

Hi everyone! So I have recently become a sister of the sorority Phi Tau Phi! I am very happy and excited. It was a long process but well worth it. I love my sisters and they're my family away from home. Next semester will be a lot of fun because I will be able to participate in the Greek Games. - Read full post

Digging up a Dolphin Skeleton

By on 10/17/12. Comments (0)

Hey Guys! This week in Machias has been pretty cool! During my lab for Marine Mammals and Pelagic birds, our class got to dig up a Dolphin skeleton that was brought to UMM last year to decompose. After a lot of careful digging, we found the large skeleton still intact! The teeth were even still in the skull! There was also some blubber still left on the tail. It was really exciting to be able to see all of the bones and actually dig them up! - Read full post

A Small Campus Where I Have Opportunities

By on 10/17/12. Comments (0)

Hello everyone! My name is Jesse Blackburn, I am currently a Junior at the University of Maine at Machias studying Psychology & Community Studies with a minor in Counseling. I grew up in Cherryfield, Maine which is in the same county as Machias (roughly 25 minutes away). I attended Narraguagus High School from 2006-2010 and was very active in extra curricular activities as well as sports and academia. I can honestly say I have continued this trend in college. - Read full post

It Feels Like I Belong in a Family

By on 10/16/12. Comments (0)

Hey! My name is Lisa Mogilka. I'm currently a sophomore here at UMM studying marine biology. One of the reasons why I chose to come to UMM was because of the small class sizes. My average class size is about 14 students. This makes it so I could get hands on experience out in the field my first year here. I was out at the ocean collecting samples and doing experiments my first year in college! Another reason was how small the school is. It forms its own small community. I know everyone and it feels like I belong in a family. - Read full post

Why I Chose UMM

By on 10/16/12. Comments (0)

Hi everyone! My name is Morgan Raymond and I am currently a sophomore here at UMM. I chose to come to UMM because I wanted to study marine biology and their program here is really hands on. I get to go out into the field every semester experiencing a different part of it. After UMM I plan on going to grad school to get my masters in marine bio and then I think I want to do something with marine mammals most likely, but still not sure! - Read full post

College is Busy... But I Love Every Minute of It!

By on 10/15/12. Comments (0)

Hello! My name is Katie Barvenik and I am currently a senior here at the University of Maine at Machias. I am originally from the seacoast of New Hampshire. I am a double major in Marine Biology and Biology but looking to change that. I love Marine Biology but I feel like Biology is just too much. I want to add an education minor. I love working with kids. - Read full post

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