Basketball Rules

General Rules

Official Team: An official team shall consist of five (5) players. A minimum of four (4) people, one scorekeeper and three players must be present start the game and avoid a default.

Score Card: Prior to each game, the team captain should fill out the official score card by recording all players names on the card. The game officials will then verify each player’s identity by checking the players ID. An individual whose name appears on the official score sheet will be considered as having played in the contest. Late arriving players must have their name added to the score card upon arrival by an official before they may participate.

Ready to Play: Game time is default time! "Ready to play" means that a team must be on the playing area with a minimum of four players. The line-up must be recorded on the official scorecard. A team will not be considered as "ready to play" unless they have four (4) people, one scorekeeper and three players.

Claiming a Default: In basketball games, the team present and "ready to play" at the time the game is scheduled to start, may claim a win by default by recording their line up, and stating "default" on the official scorecard. The intramural sports staff will assist the captains with this process.

Officials: The intramural staff will assign officials for each scheduled game.  No game may be played without its being scheduled through the Intramural Office.

Officials Fail to Show: If both teams are present and ready to play at game time and there is no official present, teams will start the game and furnish their own officials.

Game balls will be provided for the teams to use.  Only the game balls provided can be used in the game.


Shoes: Each player must wear athletic shoes. They must be made of soft, pliable upper material (molded plastic, canvas, leather, or synthetic) which covers the foot attached to a composition bottom. No boots, street shoes, or shoes with marking soles will be permitted.

All team members should try to wear the same colored shirts.  If two teams have a the same color alternate colors are going to be used. 

Illegal equipment: Pants or shorts must be free of pockets, drawstrings, and exposed belt loops. All jewelry must be removed before playing. This includes earrings, necklaces, watches, and rings. No hats are to worn. Any equipment that in the official’s judgment would be injurious to participants is illegal to wear.

1. All standard rules for basketball apply, unless stated below as a modification.

2. Teams must have at least 4 players at the start time to play a game.

3. All players must be on the team roster and only on that team roster.

4. No dunking.

5. If you are ejected from a game you are suspended for the next game.

6. Each game consists of two 20 minute running time halves. The clock stops on all whistles the last minute of each half.

7. Each team has 2 timeouts per half.  Time outs do not carry over to the next half

8. There will be a 5 minute overtime period if games end in a tie at the end of regulation time. Each team will receive 1 timeout for the overtime period.

9. There is no shot clock

10. Teams can have a two varsity basketball players from either the Men’s or Women’s team.  One varsity player is allowed to be on the court at the one time.  A technical will be assessed to the offending team.  A varsity player is defined as anyone that has played in a competitive game in that sport in that last 12 months.

11. Each player gets 5 fouls. 

12.  Each player gets one Technical foul for the game.  If you are called for a technical you are disqualified for the rest of that current game.

13. Free Throws: In each half, free throws will be awarded for each common foul (except player control) committed by a player of a team, beginning with that teams seventh personal foul as outlined below.

Personal fouls not in the act of shooting:

    After six teams fouls 1 free throw plus 1 bonus free throw if the first is made

    After ten fouls: 2 free throws

    Personal fouls in the act of shooting

    2 point shot missed: 2 free throws

    3 point shot missed: 3 free throws

    Shot made - 1 free throw

    Intentional fouls - 2 free throws, plus ball awarded out-of-bounds to offended team at the spot nearest the foul.

    Flagrant fouls - 2 free throws, plus disqualification of offending player.

    Technical fouls - 2 free throws plus shooting team's possession at mid court.   Players will be ejected after the first technical foul and they will be ineligible for the next game.

    Player control fouls - no free throws, ball awarded to offended team out-of-bounds.

14. If behavior happens that is deemed unacceptable by the intramural staff, the staff may remove you form the contest and you could be banned from further competition completely, up to and including a permanent ban.

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