Apply for Housing


First-year students live in Sennett Hall and are placed with roommates by our staff. First-year students should remember to submit their Preference Survey from their housing packets, so that we can match up roommates according to preferences.


Every spring we have a room lottery, where upper-class students can sign up for suites, singles, and traditional doubles. In order to be eligible for the lottery, you must be a current UMM student registered for fall classes, with at least twelve residential hours (on campus credits). Students who do not achieve the required twelve credit hours must meet with the Director of Residential Education and Commuter Life to determine housing status.

Signing up for housing is easy! Just follow these steps below:

  1. Read the Contract Terms and Agreements for the Residence Hall Contract
  2. Complete a Residence Hall Contract, including the Residence Hall Preference Survey. If your roommate happens to change his/her plans over the summer, you will be assigned a new roommate, so the Preference Survey is important.
  3. Make sure you have enough roommates to fill the room (unless a single).
  4. If you cannot make it to your selection date/time, you may have a “proxy” (substitute) choose for you as long as he/she has your completed application and signed proxy form.
  5. Remember that you are signing a contract for the FULL ACADEMIC YEAR, FALL and SPRING, and will be held financially responsible. According to the Residence Hall Contract, returning students must cancel the Contract prior to June 1 for the fall semester in order not to be charged for room and board. Request must be in writing to the Director of Residential Education and Commuter Life.


Here are all the forms you’ll need:

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