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First-year students live in traditional double rooms and are placed with a roommate by our staff based on the information provided to us in the Residence Hall Application each student fills out.

A common question we get asked is if we truly read each application; and the answer is yes, we do as it typically gives us better results than if a computer assigned roommates.

Contract & Application

Please Note: You need to be signed in to your email account to access the Residence Hall Application and Contract.

Room Prices For 2016-2017*

Traditional Double - $4,326 for the academic year

Singles - (Available to upperclass students) - $4,700 for the academic year

Suites (Available to upperclass students) - $4,900 for the academic year

* The rates above were proposed to the University of Maine System Board of Trustees for approval.  Historically, the Board approves our rates, but there is a possibility the rates may change after their meeting in May.

Board (Meal Plan) Prices For 2016-2017

$4,160 for the academic year

Housing Resources

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