Advising Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Who is my advisor?

 A:  All students at UMM have two advisors, a Student Success Advisor and a Faculty Mentor.  Both are listed in the Student Center in MaineStreet.

 Student Success Advisors are there to work closely with students in their first semesters at UMM.  They assist with class registration and are around to help if students encounter any unexpected academic difficulties.

 Faculty Mentors are professors who are expert advisors in their particular field of study.  As such they typically provide guidance and mentoring in the later portion of a student’s academic career and assist with exploration ranging from research interests to graduate school options.

 Q:  What does it mean to be a full-time student?

 A:  A full-time student is a student who is taking at least 12 credit hours (approximately 4 classes) in a given semester.  Being a full-time student is important because it has an impact on a number of different parts of a student’s experience in university, ranging from Financial-Aid eligibility to living on campus.

 Q:  What’s a prerequisite? How do I find out what they are?

 A:  Prerequisite classes are classes which must be completed before another class can be taken.  For example, in mathematics students must complete Pre-Calculus before they are able to take Calculus.  You can find a list of what the prerequisites for a given class by looking the class up in MaineStreet.  All prerequisites are listed in the course description.

 You may sometimes see something called a corequsite instead of a prerequisite.  Corequsites are classes which must either be fully completed or which can be taken at the same time as another class.

 Q:  How do I see my schedule?

 A:  You can access your class schedule by logging into MaineStreet and going to the Student Center page.  From there, under the Academics section, you can click on the link which says “my class schedule.”  Classes which you are registered for will appear in a list, with the times, days, location and professor all listed.

 Q:  What is MaineStreet and how can I access it?

 A:  MaineStreet is UMM’s student information system.  This is where you will go to access your grades, your schedule, your financial aid package, and where you will go for information on classes that are offered in a given semester.

 To log in, go to the MaineStreet site ( and log in using the username and password which you use to access your UMM e-mail account.  If you don’t have a username and password, you should contact our Help Desk by calling (207) 255-1237.

 Q:  How do I get into my on-line classes?

 A:  Most online classes at UMM run on a platform called BlackBoard, which you can access by going to  You will log in using the username and password which you use to access your UMM e-mail account.  If you don’t have a username and password, you should contact our Help Desk by calling (207) 255-1237.

 Don’t be surprised if you have signed up for an on-line class and it takes a little while for the class to appear in BlackBoard.  Usually classes don’t appear until on (or close to) the first day of classes.  If the first day of classes has arrived and your class is still not appearing on the BlackBoard site, you should contact our distance education support line by calling (207) 255-1241.

 Q:  Why can’t I register?

 A:  Students need to meet with one of their academic advisors, Student Success Advisor or Faculty Mentor, to receive their PIN before they are able to register for classes.

 Q:  What is a hold?

 A:  A hold is basically an electronic lock which is placed on a students account.  This lock will freeze a student’s enrollment (preventing any change to the class schedule) and will often prevent the Registrar’s Office from being able to produce transcripts.

 These holds are placed on students accounts for a number of reasons (a couple of common ones would be failure to pay for a bill, failure to provide immunization records, etc) but means that students need to immediately contact the office which has placed the hold onto a student’s account. 

 If you log into MaineStreet, you will be able to see any holds which have been placed on your account.  By clicking on the hold, you will be provided with information as to how the hold might be removed.

Q:  How do I get a tutor? What can a tutor do for me?

A:  Tutoring is free to students and is available in our Study Center, which is part of the Student Support Center in Torrey Hall.  In order to get a tutor, you need to visit the Study Center to arrange sign up for an appointment, a time when both you and the tutor are available to work on your classes.

Tutors are there to provide guidance and support.  They are able to offer explanations for difficult questions and are often able to discuss common areas of difficulty in particular subjects.  Often tutors will also be able to help with proof-reading papers and providing general writing assistance. 

Tutors are there to help you to better understand the material so you are able to do your work.  They will not do your work for you.

Q:  How do I get in touch with my professor? What are their office hours?

A:  Your best first step in trying to contact your professor (outside of class) is to look at the Syllabus provided on the first day of class.  At the top of your syllabus your professor will have listed a couple of very important things. 

First is the way which your professor would like you to communicate with him or her.  This is typically an e-mail address, but you will find that some professors provide phone numbers, even cell phone or home phone numbers.  If your professor is providing you with a means of contacting him or her, that means that it is ok to use it!

The second is when office hours are going to be held.  This is important because the professor will be in his or her office at this time to answer any questions which you might have about the class or the subject in general.  Most college students do not use office hours enough; your professor is there to help you to learn and these one-on-one questions are an excellent way to do this.

Q:  What textbooks do I need for my classes?

 A:  Textbooks for UMM classes are sold at the Murdock Bookstore.  You can visit in person or you can pull up the textbook list online.  To see what books are being required online, you can visit the bookstore website here:

 Q:  What if my class is too hard?

 A:  If you are having difficulty in a class, your first stop should always be to talk to your professor.  Often, there will be a way that the professor might be able to explain things differently so you are better able to understand the class.

 If you have tried this and you are still having trouble, you should go to see your Student Success Advisor in the Advising Center.  The Student Success Advisors and talk with you about where you are having difficulty and will be able to work with you to try and find ways to best support you.

 If you do decide that a class is simply too much for you in a given semester, you should consult the “Dropping Courses” portion of our registration policies website (  You should not drop or withdraw from a class without consulting with your advisor so you understand how this will impact your Degree Progress, Financial Aid and more.

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