Merrill Library Acquisitions Policy

Library materials requests must be submitted electronically from the Division Chair to the Library Director using the form on the Library’s web page. The following fields are required for each item: Title, Author, ISBN or ASIN, Price, and Requestor Name. Format should also be entered if the item is anything other than a paperbound book. The publisher field is optional but can be helpful if the item proves difficult to locate.

The Library orders new, in-print materials only. If the materials are not available at a discount from the Library’s primary or secondary suppliers, they will be ordered directly from the publisher at full price. The Library does not directly order used or out-of-print materials, nor does it order from vendors who cannot waive state sales tax or who do not accept US dollars. However, if an individual faculty member wishes to order materials from a third-party vendor, the Library will reimburse the faculty member from earmarked divisional funds (in USD and excluding state sales tax) under the following conditions:

  1. The request was approved by the Division Chair.
  2. The request arrived in the Library before the March 15th order deadline.
  3. There are sufficient funds remaining in the divisional account.

If these conditions are not met, the reimbursement can be deferred until the following fiscal year with the approval of the incoming Division Chair.


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